Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 16th and 17th

Yesterday: really cute tights, in the best color ever, that i can't wear because the temperatures are practically arctic outside today.
This morning: STAR TREK!!! (Sorry about the caps, i really like Star Trek).

I might stand up to the cold and wear them soon anyway... or just indoors maybe

This morning on my way to work, my fingers started hurting in a way they haven't done since i was a little kid, outside building snowmen or starting a snowball fight.*
The pain was so terrible that i considered just ditching my bike and hailing a taxi, and when i finally got here it took me about 15 minutes to defrost my hands.
I don't know how i'm gonna get to work tomorrow, but i don't think it'll be by bike.

*Who am i kidding, i never started snowball fights, i throw like a weak girl with a broken wrist.


  1. ooh pretty tights :) cant ever have too many pairs of tights!

    you should stay in bed if its cold! I cant believe the snow you have there. Its freeeeeezing here and we dont even have snow! keep yourself cosy! x

  2. Being an Australian who has no idea about snow and cold weather, if it is too cold to wear tights what do you wear? Is it a case of many layers, or thermals and more layers? I am curious!

  3. STAR TREK! What a coincidence! Haha, I'm at work this morning and was just talking about it with one of my supervisors. We don't like it when Spock kisses. Maybe I'm just JEALOUS :O

    It gets very cold here as well, and during the cold months I just wear legwarmers and boots over my tights. I pull my legwarmers up over my knees... I probably look ridiculous, but it's only for when I'm outside. I just pull them down (or off) when I'm inside a building.

    Ha, and Graham wears long johns.

  4. Ha ha !!! weak girl with a broken wrist !!