December 10th and 11th

Yesterday i totally abandoned the blog.
Shame on me.
It's just that i got really mad at computers (not mine, just the idea of them i guess) and i needed a break.

My calendar gift yesterday was awesome, and i used it while riding through a very different looking Copenhagen today*.

Fancy headphones for my iphizzle (the ones i bought at Tokyu Hands were ridiculously bad, so i really needed these!)
This morning i got a really cute addition to my growing leg warmer collection, again from my favorite sock shop

We're getting out of town this weekend.
My parents are having a christmas market in their barn that's not actually a barn anymore, and i promised to participate with some hats.
That's also one of the reasons why the etsy store is still closed.
Well, that and i really like the hamster.
Back to the market, i'm not expecting to sell a thing, since the people who go to these markets are notoriously cheap and pretty much only come for the cookies and glögg, but my mom thinks my hats will look pretty there and that's a good enough reason for me.
We're bringing my grandfather, who i haven't seen since before Japan, so that's gonna be nice.

Another good reason to get out of town is the climate conference, COP15.
The police are extra jittery these days and with the new laws making it legal for the them to make preemptive arrests for no good reason, and to throw people in jail for no less than 40 days for just being in the same area where a legal protest is taking place, Hopenhagen (ha!) is just not a good place to be right now.
They basically made large public gatherings, protesting and living in Copenhagen illegal.
Seriously, who wants to get thrown in jail for 40 days for walking down the wrong street, or just your own street?
Not me.

So yay, go democracy.
Now lets get the hell outta dodge!

*There are so many people visiting for the conference, that Copenhagen is almost starting to look like the big city it often claims to be.
It's fun, i like tourists and i love stopping and helping people with directions, but they're also kind of dangerous for us locals, due to their total lack of bicycle etiquette.
You have to be extra careful not to run them over as they blindly walk onto what i can only assume they think is some kind of second sidewalk.
So far i've been good and haven't yelled and screamed like i normally would, they can't help it and i don't want them to think we're all psychos with road rage.
Even though we are, for the most part.

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