Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cold mornings

So, we got up super early this morning, so we could make it back to Copenhagen in time for work.
And of course the dude was a no-show.
It's like i always say; the closer they live to the shop, the more they suck at keeping their appointments.
He didn't even cancel, he just let Allan sit there for two hours before returning his call and coming up with a lame excuse.
He could have easily dropped by at 12 to cancel in person, but no, i guess that's too much to ask.
People, man... they'll only disappoint you.

Outside our door the sky had the loveliest shades of pink and blue, and there was frost on the grass
Sunshine on the forest
Frost on the roofs too

So, we could have stayed another day in the country, but at least i got to go to Williams birthday party this afternoon, where i ate some cake, and gave him and Yonas some long overdue souvenirs from Japan.
I took some rad (i hope) pictures of their morbidly obese cat that i'll post tomorrow!


  1. Rude, man! Do you let no-shows reschedule?

    I think it's funny that your blog is (still) untitled :)

    I also think it's funny that the word verification to post this is "blessua", because I thought it said "blessuSa", which is ridiculous.

  2. he should lose his deposit for that............

  3. How frustrating!

    You have really made me want to visit your lovely nation with the photos you have posted - dreamy.

  4. P.s. http://www.skottieyoung.com/2009/12/adventures-of-bernard-world-destroyer_08.html

  5. Yeah, we kinda have to since he's getting a sleeve and it's not even close to being done.
    But he will have to pay a new deposit... actually i think he owes us a few!

    Any ideas for a name?
    Cause i got nothing, so suggestions are always welcome!

    Adele, just don't come in December, i'm not sure you'd survive!

  6. i think it being untitled for so long has now become its title. i like it. two thumbs up!

  7. I agree with corey that you can't possibly choose a name for your blog now because the untitled blog is your title!!

    your photographs are beautiful, you always take lovely photos! you've made me want to come to Copenhagen as soooooon as I can!

    festive greetings from England x