Thursday, December 31, 2009

Le tigre

Japanese new years cards from Tokyu Hands

This is the official new years post and i guess it's supposed to include a 2009 retrospective, as well as my 2010 resolutions, but sadly, none of that's gonna happen.

Instead of writing a good last-of-2009 post, i have to make dinner (it's started already and Allan is helping), i have to shower and put on makeup, i have to do my nails and put on a shiny dress and uncomfortable shoes.
Then i'm gonna eat the delicious food we're making, drink a bit, toast and possibly venture out into the world in -10 degree weather.
I'm hopefully not gonna get completely shitfaced, like last year, and when i wake up tomorrow i'm gonna relax, play xbox, read interior design books, and eat leftovers.

So no grand finale for the untitled blog today, but i will say this:
A blogger doesn't chose her readers, but if i could, i'd chose all of you.
You've all helped make 2009 a pretty great year for me.
Thanks, stay safe and have a really happy new year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Princessinfernos pink picnic

Right before christmas i was in a hat making frenzy.
I was working on a hat for my mom, who wanted something to wear for new years tomorrow, and i was working on a custom item at the same time.

The custom hat was an etsy custom request, my first of that kind.
Very exciting.
The potential buyer was super sweet and gave me some good ideas to work with, but not too many.

I tried a lot of new techniques and fun ideas with this one, and i really hope she'll like it as much as i do.
If not, i just might keep it for myself!
Click here to check it out.

Let me know what you think, i'd love to get some feedback, and don't forget to check out the re-opened (but still slightly empty) etsy store!

Picnic for one
Fluffy peony
A bird and a basket of strawberries
On a real lawn, y'all!
The inside is pretty too
Behind the scenes at Allans photo session
He's quite the expert at taking fascinator pictures!
(All photos by Allan)

Ps. New Years tomorrow... anyone excited?
No? Me neither.
Me and Allan agreed that what we're most excited about is eating the leftovers on January 1st.
But i did find the dress i'm gonna wear, so even if we end up not doing anything, i'm still gonna sparkle!

Fat kitteh

Meet Frk. Larsen.*
She belongs to my cousin and his family.
She's a very fat kitty.
And not always a very friendly one, but i like her anyway.

I went to the bathroom and there she was... snoring on the floor
It looked very comfortable down there
She didn't wake up until i started taking closeups of her face
This is a very bad picture, but it gives a more accurate view of her physique (when she stands, she's shaped kinda like a beach-ball)
Fat kitteh=fat paws and fat paws=awesomeness

Williams birthday was nice.
We had cake and assembled Lego.

*Frk. is Danish for Miss.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cold mornings

So, we got up super early this morning, so we could make it back to Copenhagen in time for work.
And of course the dude was a no-show.
It's like i always say; the closer they live to the shop, the more they suck at keeping their appointments.
He didn't even cancel, he just let Allan sit there for two hours before returning his call and coming up with a lame excuse.
He could have easily dropped by at 12 to cancel in person, but no, i guess that's too much to ask.
People, man... they'll only disappoint you.

Outside our door the sky had the loveliest shades of pink and blue, and there was frost on the grass
Sunshine on the forest
Frost on the roofs too

So, we could have stayed another day in the country, but at least i got to go to Williams birthday party this afternoon, where i ate some cake, and gave him and Yonas some long overdue souvenirs from Japan.
I took some rad (i hope) pictures of their morbidly obese cat that i'll post tomorrow!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Todays weather has been totally wonderful.
I'm so happy we had one day of sunshine before going home.
We all took a long walk on the beach earlier, except my grandfather, who's not one for long walks these days.
Instead he stayed in his room, listening to the radio we all got him for Christmas.

Wildlife photographer?
Or maybe just Allan
Come here Sherlock!
Parents in rubber boots
Something pretty
Allan is trying to capture... a rock? Some waves?
We haven't been able to go walking in the forest this time, the ground is too wet
Mom and me
I went into our bedroom to capture the view, but my lens was all foggy, makes it look kinda dreamy. though

Tomorrow means Copenhagen, work, reality, healthy food, make-or-break meetings, and no more fresh air.
There are good things in Copenhagen too, like my apartment, but i hope we'll be back down here soon.

What my feet wore for christmas

Christmas socks from a 3 Coin store in Lumine, there were so many good ones, but these had santas, reindeer and snowmen!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kids & pets (mostly kids though)

I don't get to spend much time with my cousins boys, even though we all live in the same city.
Sometimes life just gets in the way.
But i do love hanging out with them, they're pretty much the greatest kids i know, so the last few days with them, and the rest of the family, has been awesome.

Allan is somewhat of an expert on the subject of Star Wars, so him and Yonas had some good, long nerd talks while building this Lego republic battle cruiser
Yonas and his dad admiring the result of their many hours of hard workWilliam isn't a huge fan of being photographed, hence the ghost boy appearance in this photo
This was probably the least blurry one of this handsome fella
Uncle Allan, finally living up to his name!
Me, in my country couture, and a very relaxed Lucifer
See what i have to put up with?

What my nails wore for christmas

Snowflake stickers on candy-apple red nails

Today most of my family went home, and we finally got to do some of that relaxing i've been hearing so much about.
Felt good.
We're here for another day, i hope tomorrow will bring some daylight, i kinda miss that.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Not so white christmas

Of course the snow stopped falling before christmas.
But still, it was pretty down here.

Here's a couple of pictures from me and mom's walk on the beach the other day.
One of my favorite things down here is breathing fresh air, so we take a long walk every day.

It was pretty darn windy that day, but you can probably tell by the second picture, right?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas (and December 23rd and 24th)

Man, even though it's been super chill in Bisserup since we got here, Leonardo family Christmases mostly are, it's been hard to find time for the ol' blog.

But yesterday was wonderful, we hung out with our family, went for nice walks, ate good food, danced around a tree (yes, we really do that), sang songs no one can remember all the lyrics to, and gave each other lots of presents.
We stayed up late, drinking Irish coffee and listening to old records, just like we do every year.
In other words, a pretty damn awesome christmas.

Today my cousins and the kids arrived, so we have a full house.
Right now i'm blogging between lunch, assembling a Star Wars republic cruiser with the kids and keeping the oven going so my house don't freeze.
This one post has probably taken me about four hours.
Good times!

To wrap up the calendar, December 23rds calendar gift was a lovely dress.
I wore it on christmas eve, with matching tights, this lace shrug and my brown shoes.

Me and a tree
(Shoes: Japan, Dress and tights: Urban Outfitters, Lace shrug: Vintage from Koenji)

December 24th, the calendar ended with Japanese socks, of course
Christmas dinner
More food goodness
Oh, and here's dessert (the traditional cherry sauce was replaced by sauce made of mirabelles from the garden, yum)
Some people have trendy, color coordinated trees with designer ornaments... we have this
This one was a gift from Toshi, he bought it for us in Germany
The hat was a present for my mom (i've been working on it non stop for days) and this is the outfit she plans on wearing it with for new years
My mother in law likes purple, so she got this one (she was even wearing purple last night, lucky me!)
I'd wrapped some snacks for Lucifer, and he a had the best time finding them under the tree

I got some pretty wonderful presents too, but you'll have to wait to see those for a few more days.
Hope all you lovely people had as nice a christmas eve as we did!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22nd

Todays present requires an xbox360 to work, so i guess we're gonna have to bring ours with us to the country tomorrow.
Cause i can't possibly be expected to wait to play this until after christmas, can i?

I was actually looking for this at Youngs shop the other day, but i just couldn't remember the title.
So i asked my nerd husband and my nerd homegirl and neither of them could remember it either.
That did strike me as odd, but i didn't think much of it.
Turns out that Allan had already bought it, so the sneaky bastards were both trying to divert my attention away from zombie video games.
Good job you guys!

I see zombie slaying in my future

I wore my very old Madonna Who's That Girl t-shirt (with a picture from the album True Blue on it, must be a bootleg) to work yesterday.
This is why i don't throw shit out, one day it'll all (well, most of it) become useful again.

I don't even know when or where the t-shirt is from, but everything else is from Japan, as usual
The beret is from a shop close to our place in Koenji

It has been snowing like crazy all day.
When snow become as rare as it has in recent years, you tend to forget how awesome it is, and how much you've missed it.
I so hope it'll stay over christmas.