Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sankeien garden, for the millionth time

I wasn't gonna do anything special on Sunday, just hang out at the shop and maybe study some more Hiragana.
But the weather, though windy, was great so i decided to visit my favorite Japanese garden anyway.
Usually i just take the bus there, but when i came down to the street there were none to be found.
The street was blocked by cones and people in jackets saying "Yokohama Womens Marathon".
So i started walking.
It's kinda far, but i was hoping to catch a bus on the way.
No bus, and according to some old ladies i met, they wouldn't start running until 4 pm.
It was around 12.
So i continued walking and by the time i made it to the park i was beat.
Good thing i'd brought some lunch.
I ate it while watching people feed ducks and koi.

The beginning of a long road
"So i says the the policeman, i says..."
Believe it or not, this was even louder from the front
Giant flowers on display
You see why i like it there, right?
Ladies on a bridge
Ooohhh, looks mysterious (but really, it isn't)
I'm still trying to get a good shot of this
The view from the observation point is just terrible, don't even bother going up there (it stinks too)
The pagoda is nice, though
More exhibitions
Miniature gardens
This one even had little fish in it, so awesome!

To get back to the shop i had to take a bus in the opposite direction of the shop, and catch a train back from there.
Stupid runners.

Hungry koi, the ducks keep a safe distance


  1. Årgh hvad de er syge de fisk!!
    Smukke billeder, gid jeg var med!

  2. Nuj, et dejligt sted.

    Er jeg den eneste, der synes, hans sweater ligner noget København-agtigt?

  3. those koi are huge! they sure look hungry! x