Monday, November 16, 2009

Panda panda

Chinatown on saturday.
I bought nothing.
Yeah, i don't know what's up with me either.
Lots of panda stuff there... actually mostly panda stuff!

I've taken way too many pictures of this guy already, but i can't help myself
Panda onigiri cases
Panda earmuffs
Panda headband
You as panda?
Cooling masks, coin purses, kitchenware... everything panda!
Not a panda, just a nice doggie who was very good at sitting still and attracting customers (Lucifer, take notes)
Motomachi, if this is your idea of good taste, you might be able to find something there

Sorry the blog has been a little inactive lately.
It would seem that living my life is getting in the way of me writing about it lately.
Stupid awesome life.


  1. PANDA SEJHED! elsker Onigiri panda box!

  2. Hehe, tænkte faktisk på dig da jeg tog de billeder!

  3. LOL Stupid Awesome Life!!!! Yep, thats been my life too :) I love you and your stupid awesome life

  4. ok, yeah so i want ALL of the panda stuff! x

  5. so much cute panda stuff! I love the panda matryoshka doll.