Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My friend went to Miami* and all he got me...

Well, actually he got me some pretty awesome stuff!

Jaime Hernandez for Stussy tee, Book of Insults and sweet DayQuil

I still need to wash the t-shirt about 75 times to soften it up, but then it'll be awesome.

*And New York!


  1. Holy crap!! Jaime Hernandez is one of my favorite artists, I didn't know he was on that collaboration. Very very cool shirt :) I'm envious!

  2. I didn't even realize Stussy was still around. Fun surprises!

  3. De bliver ved:) Har du set denne her:



  4. I used to love Stussy back in the days, but i hadn't heard about this either.
    It's awesome though, LOVE Jaime!

    Camilla, min veninde Fie sendte den også til mig tidligere, ret fedt af dem!

  5. Hey hey hey.. Bogen er fra Miami, det samme er postkortet, men t shirten og Quil'en er fra NY!