Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bye bye

On wednesday i got food poisoning.
I ate so much that day, so it's impossible to know from what, but Allan thinks it might have been sushi.
I started feeling it on thursday and by night time i was a hot/cold shaky feverish mess.
Friday wasn't much better, so we booked the hotel in Yokohama for another day, and i just stayed there while Allan hung out with Shige and Chisato.
Getting home from Yokohama was just awful, but i won't get into that.
Today, saturday, is the first time i've even used the computer since i got sick, so i hope that means i'm getting better.*
Today is also my last day in Japan and i spent it lying in bed and struggling with packing.
And coughing, because i still have that cold too of course.
I'm not too bitter about it though, when i get really sick i usually get really homesick too, so i'm actually looking forward to seeing my dog and my family (and my couch!)

Wednesday in sunny Shinjuku, before i ate whatever it was i ate that made me sick

Wish me luck on the trip tomorrow.
Getting to the airport with my super heavy bag is my biggest concern since i haven't eaten in two days and i'm feeling pretty damn weak as a result.
Once we're in the air it'll all be ok i hope, Allan was the first to check in online and got us awesome seats.

*Even if it was just to check the Narita timetable.


  1. oh i hope you feel better sweetie!

    safe travels x

  2. Nårh, stakkels ven. God tur hjem, håber du kan sove det meste af vejen og vågne op til hjemlighed og julelys i Kbh.

  3. Aw, feel better. What a shitty time to get sick! This always cheers me, even if I'm deathly ill:

  4. I'm sick too. I hope you feel better soon and your trip won't be too bad. Travelling sick must be horrible :(

  5. God bedring mouse! Og flyv forsigtigt!

  6. Rigtig god bedring og god tur hjem til Danmark, håber din tur har været fantastisk, madforgiftning til trods.

  7. feel better and have an easy trip home!

  8. Oh, that sucks! Couldn't possibly have been Paul Bocuse, huh? Hope you will have a decent flight home.

    By the way, I cannot take my eyes off the hamster!!!

  9. Håper du er frisk og rask! :) Jeg har lagt ut hårbøylene til salgs på webshoppen min. :)

    Håper du synes bildene er greie. Ikke lett å få en 3 år gammel modell til å være samarbeidsvillig (bildene ble litt små så jeg tror jeg skal forstørre dem litt.) :D

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  11. ÅH stakkel! håber du klare den lange rejsen! Du må prøve at sove, drikke en masse vand og tænke på at du snart er hjemme hos den lille mus.