Friday, November 6, 2009


All the really practical stuff that needed to be done (signing of papers, payment of deposits, purchase of rail passes for us and Dettol for Hata) before leaving for Japan is done.
The guys have been hugged and hi-fived and post-it notes have been left around the shop for pretty much everyone.
We ate dinner with Nick at the shop and right after coming home we both fell asleep on the couch.

I haven't finished packing, but at least i've started, right?
I just can't get into the packing mood.
It's been a while since i stopped making packing lists, but now it seems i've even stopped making mental ones too.
I did plan on packing super light this time, to avoid having to send stuff home, so i guess it is somehow going according to plan.
Man, i'm so lazy today i can't even seem to get properly stressed!
Whatever, now i'm gonna... i don't even know.
It's too early to go too bed and too late to vacuum.

My bag as it looks right now
Sold this old thing today and found out that my mom had actually wanted to steal it for herself (too slow, mom!)
Finally something that actually fit in a hat box

Alright, see y'all in beautiful and (hopefully) sunny Tokyo!


  1. looking forward to exciting tokyo news! x

  2. I agree with Samboy, I cant wait to hear about your wonderful adventures and all the fab pictures from Japan :)

  3. Sayonara! Håber I får en fantastisk tur. :)