Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why don't i feel like this?


  1. Because of your poor tooth! This was too much to tweet about (although I tried) but you should really invest in some clove oil, at least until you're back from Japan, because in most cases the tooth does need to be extracted.

    Clove oil is only about $3 for a little vial, and all you need is a drop or two. You just dip the head of a Q-tip into the bottle and swab your tooth/gums in the painful area. I did that when I was pregnant, when I had a root canal, and I felt NO pain at all for two whole weeks.

    I'm not usually so animated about natural remedies, but this seriously blew me away! I had tried EVERYTHING- my doctor even prescribed painkillers to me, but nothing helped except for this oil. It tastes like shit (um, like total shit actually, it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it) but I think it will really help you.

    Also, I hope your day is cheerier. I blame the weather!


  3. Thanks Coralene, i had to google it to see if we even have something like that in Denmark, but it looks like we do.
    I'll try the health food store on monday for sure.
    Actually it would seem that some dentists here prescribe a remedy based on clove oil too.
    The wisdom teeth have been slowly moving for over a year, but only once in a while and never like think.
    But now i can actually see one of them and it ain't pretty!
    Also, it's on the same side of my face that i may need surgery on, so that whole side just hurts twice as much now.
    Oh hello self pity, my old friend!
    Thanks so much for the tip!
    Oh, and i blame the weather too, it's been dark all day.
    Fucking Scandinavia.

    Young, tak:)