Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A wardrobe post of sorts

Yesterday i felt like doing something creative that didn't involve sewing needles and glue, so i decided to draw and paint a little.
I used to do that all the time, but now, not so much.
Sadly living with an amazingly talented person, and knowing i'll never do anything half as well as he does most things, made me stop even trying for many years.
It's stupid, really, cause it was one of the few things i've enjoyed doing ever since i was a kid.
But i have found that one of the few good things about getting older (there has to be some perks, right?) is being able to let go of some of my dumb insecurities (not all of them, though).
And so i decided to make a painting.

Inspired by this awesome post San Smith did the other day, i decided to try something similar; an outfit post without an actual picture of my outfit of the day.
I don't know if she thought of that or it's a thing now?
Anyway, mine is not as nice as that one of course, she's a pro and i haven't touched watercolors since... i honestly can't remember, so if you comment, show mercy!

My sketchbook
In progress (with my own camera)
More progress...
Colors are a little different from the original, even though i borrowed the good camera for these ones, but my scanner isn't working and the one at work sucks
A closer look
Marker and color test page
I also almost finished this headband too (so much for not sewing) so i might as well include that

When i was done painting, which took hours by the way, my hand felt like a 90 year olds with bad arthritis, and at the same time Allan was finishing something really fucking beautiful and i thought to myself: "ah, that's why i don't paint anymore".
But it was fun and oddly satisfying, so i might try to do it more often.


  1. its a cute little painting, you seem to have the knack of it!

    you didnt do your pretty little face though, your painting makes you look like you're a little sad :(

    dont be so modest, do your face as pretty as it is! :) x

  2. Thanks, it's not supposed to be an accurate self portrait though, more like a sketch type caricature thingie.

  3. i didnt mean that to sound mean!

    i guess it kinda did! sorry!

    its lovely, wish i could paint :( x

  4. I love it! I've been seeing those a lot lately. I hate to link everything but this-


    was so pretty. Little different but same concept. You draw/paint very well though, for someone who doesn't do a whole lot of either!

  5. No, no, it didn't sound mean at all!

    Coralene, those are so pretty!
    I read that blog sometimes, but i must have somehow missed that post.
    And keep the links coming!

  6. What a great idea! I understand your reservations, I'm trying to get back into drawing again after a hiatus of about 10 years (!!!) and it's really difficult because your hands forget how to do it.

    Wish my recent efforts turned out as well as yours

    Keep on truckin'!

  7. Hooray Amalie! I love your artwork! And I completely relate with you on the whole -dropping painting and drawing because the person you live with makes you feel less than talented- thing. But I do draw and pencil color here and there and enjoy it a lot. Here's a link to one of my favorites (though I wish I could redo her shoulder piece), I copied it from an old movie poster book that Sid has. It was enormously fun to work on! http://www.blessmybirth.com/2008/01/26/our-art/
    Jonny embellished it, but whatever, I meant to do the full-size version (you should see her shoes!) and then put it up in our house, but my interest diverted. Anyway, I hope to see more of your art :)

  8. Very nice, you should really paint more often! I love the rough kinda drafting style of it. You have so many talents, thanks for sharing.

  9. Det er da en fuldstændig fantastisk tegning! Jeg kan ikke se at det er længe siden du sidst har tegnet/malet. Der er masser af stil og personlighed i din tegning. Og talent. Jeg er virkelig imponeret og vild med din streg.

  10. Hov det var Sara (med lilla hummingbird) der skrev det :)

  11. IM-PO-NERENDE!!!
    Du skal ikke stoppe med at tegne. Der er altid nogen out there (eller at home!) der er bedre end én selv, men du skal bare ikke sammenligne dig. Du er bedst på din egen måde. Bum!

  12. You're so right, Steph, the hands totally forget.
    Apparently you can forget how to ride a bike too, scary stuff!

    Jen, you and me should start a club or something!

    danish ice, thank you, i will try!

    1000 tak Sara, jeg er rigtig glad for at du godt kan li' den!

    Tak Helle, men det er bare let at miste modet engang imellem, især dår den er er bedre ikke derude, men lige overfor, hele tiden!

  13. Øj! Det dér gjorde du også i gamle dage. Det ligner fuldstændig de tegninger, jeg kan huske. Det må betyde, at du har en særlig stil! Fint, fint og mere fint.

  14. Ihhh hvor er det fint! Jeg giver op på forhånd :)

  15. there's a flickr group for outfit drawings. http://www.flickr.com/groups/whatiworetodaydrawings
    I love browsing it. Yours turned out so good!

  16. Wow, so much good stuff there, i feel like quitting now!
    I found a blog too, it really is a thing:

  17. This is the best-


    Ha, "it gets redundant". Poor guy.

  18. I LOVE THIS!! I'm so late to comment - whoops! I didn't come up with the WIWT illustration idea, there is a community for it on flickr :) (I see someone already linked you to it!) but it has been a habit for me for many years. I find it an easy excuse to inspire me to draw! I hope you keep posting these, its so great!

  19. Thanks!! I know, apparently it's huge, but i'm always late with the trend things and saw it on your blog first.
    I used to do it all the time as a kid (as my friend Fie/Flo just said in Danish) but then i just kinda stopped.
    I hope to do more soon, it's a fun and simple way to paint!