Sunday, October 18, 2009


Basement shopping was a hit.
I found some dresses, found some sweaters, even found some sweater-dresses.
I also looked in some boxes full of really old stuff, that memory lane sure can be a harsh place to visit.
But i found what i went down there for, and then some.

My grandmas old knitting needles, and a few new ones
Some neat tools
Sealskin leftovers that i bought in Greenland when i was 15
Antique buckles, i think maybe i found a bag of those at my old job years ago, i have no idea what to do with them though
My old porcelain doll was getting moldy, so i rescued it (based on the writing in the matching notepad, i'd guess that i've had that since i was about 7)
Found a bunch of old yarn too, now, if i could only remember how to knit...?

Besides visiting the basement i haven't accomplished much today.
And i slept way too late too.
Weekend guilt.
I'm just getting so used to having a million unfinished projects lying on my desk, and now that there's nothing urgent waiting for me to finish it, i don't really know what to do with myself when i'm home.
I'm afraid to ask Allan, cause i know he'll suggest a movie involving Hobbits and that'll be the end of this weekend.
Oh well, i do like Hobbits...


  1. good finds!

    I'm hoping I'll have the same fun when I move back out to my own place. I have so many lovely things in boxes, I hope I forget and have a surprise. Cardboard box shopping! :) x

  2. heheheheh cardboard box shopping :) I love it! I hardly ever hold on to stuff....I always have a Goodwill bag going at all times...gotta get rid of the clutter. But it doesnt leave me with an opportunity to cardboard box shop :(

  3. Haha, det er utroligt, hvad du kan finde i de papkasser! Hvor mange er der egentlig? En dag dukker alle de enkeltsokker, du mangler, sikkert op, og måske finder du Elvis!!

  4. The yarn find is gold - considering the weather is getting colder there, a knitting project would be awesome! I am knitting scarf at the moment and we are moving into hot weather - crazy, but true.

  5. Sam, i think you will!

    Tanya, i should get rid of the clutter too, a few of the boxes are actually full of clothes i wanna get rid of.
    It's just the actually doing it part i can't seem to get done!

    Elvis, Hoffa, ballongdrengens ældre bror måske? Der er satme mange kasser, og vi smed endda en masse ud da vi rykkede til vesterbro.

    Adele, i have this great idea for a knitting project, bur seriously, i can't remember how to knit!
    I've done it before, i have a scarf to prove it, but it's just... poof, gone.
    But my mom is coming to town tomorrow night, so i'll have her teach me, again.

  6. Orv altså nogle fine klovne du har fundet i gemmerne -

  7. is great for learning how to knit and different techniques. I learned pretty much everything from their videos.