Sunday, October 18, 2009


I need to make another trip to the basement for winter clothes today.
Anything remotely warm is coming back upstairs this time.
I hate seasons, i wanna live someplace warm with no weather to speak of.

My stomach muscles are sore as hell today, but that means pilates worked, right?
I'm actually looking forward to trying it again.

It's hard to tell from the picture here, but my arm is all bruised and yellow today, ouch


  1. Årrgh jeg gad godt at kunne stå sådan med armen, uden at flage med mit mormor gardin ha ha!!

  2. Ah, men jeg træner jo ligesom også herre meget, ikk?

    No, bruised from evil Allan!
    And the only part of the arm that got tattooed was the shoulder and the snowflakes, so the bruise is from those, like 7 tiny flakes.
    I'm so delicate!

  3. congrats on being sore :) workout soreness rocks! The tattoo is looking sooooo amazing.

  4. pilates are killer...but worth it! Take an epsom salt bath..they do wonders.

  5. True dat. Jeg må kigge nærmere på det der Pilates!

  6. Oh Jenny, i wish i could but i haven't got a bathtub, just a shower.
    One of the many joys (ha!) of living in Copenhagen.

  7. OMG YOU HAVE NO BATHTUB!!! I would DIE! My grandparents who lived near Kobenhavn didnt have a bathtub either....weirdness! I live for taking you just love hotel rooms for the bathtubs?

  8. Most city apartments don't have bathtubs here, in the old working class apartments whole families would live together in maybe two rooms and you even had to go down into the yard to use the toilet.
    So no room for tubs.
    And most of us live in apartments that used to be like these, this one, i'm sure, only got a toilet in recent years (my first apartment still had a toilet in the hall that i shared with my neighbor it was so cold in the winter!)
    The house i grew up in did have a bathtub in the basement, but we only ever used the shower, my dad would say baths was a waste of drinking water.
    He was an eco-nazi before his time!
    Whenever i go to hotels (or our apartment in Tokyo) i do take a bath, but i can only stay in there for about ten minutes before getting too restless, so for me i guess it is a waste of water.
    But if i had one, i'm sure i'd learn how to relax in it!