Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So long, sucker!

I had a dentist appointment today.
I have another one tomorrow.
The tooth is coming out and i'm feeling pretty good about that.
The bastard needs to go, and it needs to go before i leave for Japan.
I'm not thrilled, in fact i'm a little nervous, but it needs to be done.
I'm on antibiotics and some stronger painkillers, so i'm thinking it's gonna be ok.

Comments are off, and if you're wondering why on earth that could be, it's because i don't want anyone to get the bright idea that they need to share their own wisdom tooth horror stories, so just send me good thoughts instead!

It could be so much worse, my dentist could be this guy:

I need to go watch some dvds and think about other stuff.
Like the new shop... ahhh, the new shop is definitely on my list of happy places.