Saturday, October 3, 2009

Snot demons

I'm still having trouble understanding how dark and cold it got here all of a sudden.
It literally happened over the four days we were in the UK and that's just not enough time to adjust.
My body agrees with me there and i now have a cold.
I'm fighting it with vitamins, tea and the 'Quils of day and night that i buy in the States for occasions such as this.

I've been in the basement to pick up some winter essentials, boots, hats and mittens to be exact, but it all smells like basement too.
And on top of the stinky washing machine (still trying to fix that) our apartment just generally smells pretty bad.
And i'm really sensitive when it comes to smells.

Today i'm gonna try to clean this place so i can relax in it.
I don't know about you, but i can't really, truly relax in a space that's not clean and somewhat tidy.
Instead of relaxing i'll be thinking about what i should be doing instead of what i am doing, so in order to have a nice weekend (and beat this cold) i need to do this first.
Wish me luck!

Day before yesterday, heattech leggins and japanese schoolgirl cardigan from Uniqlo, shirtdress from Lowrys farm (also Japan) and my new, vintage boots
And of course this, faux fur hat bought at a thrift store many, many years ago
Yesterday i found my other faux fur hat, this one if from Koenji


  1. Is your bicycle seven feet tall or are you very tiny?? You look so teeny in the last picture!

    The other day I accidentally drank a bunch of Nyquil, thinking it was Dayquil! It was so horrible because I was only on my lunch break from work and had to fight sleep at my desk for the rest of the afternoon, ha.

  2. While i am quite short i believe this is just a weird angle.
    My bike is a relatively normal size too.

    Nyquil in the daytime would definitely have put me to sleep at work.
    In fact, i think that's a pretty good excuse to get off work early, "sorry, gotta go, i accidentally drank a bunch of Nyquil and i have to get home before it kicks in"!
    Who wouldn't understand?

  3. Jeg er helt bag dig med nedturen om den mørke og kolde. Vi så det komme snigende, men BANG så var det der var 200 %! Ew! Kom så forår!!

  4. Really, is it that cold over there already (I'm looking at your outfit.)? It still gets quite hot during the day in Japan, like 28 degrees C. So you should come here before it gets cold, too. Take care now.

  5. Ai, it's so cold.
    The temperature isn't that bad yet, it's the fuckin wind.
    I almost lost Lucifer today!

    I'm hoping for clear skies and warm autumn weather in Tokyo in November!