Monday, October 12, 2009

OMG OMG (what is this, i don't ever write OMG!?)

I finally gave in and got myself a twitter account.
It wasn't peer pressure, it wasn't curiosity, it wasn't because i wanted to.
No, the reason was this:

I crave celebrity gossip, but i have some serious moral issues with the celebrity blogs that provide me with said gossip.
Most of them are quite hateful and vicious, and i'm not really down with that.
I've read celebrity blogs that critiqued the clothing worn by three year olds and suggested that celebrities they didn't care for should commit suicide.
Not cool.
Most celebrity bloggers also seem to really hate (envy, i guess is more accurate) the people they live off, and very few of them write about people i care about.
What do i care that Lindsay Lohan hosted a party at some club in Las Vegas and appeared to be on drugs (duh!)?
I like reading positive news about talented people who don't constantly make bad choices, but no one seems to be writing about them.

Oh, back to Twitter.
So a while back i started noticing that they were in fact all, or most of them, writing about themselves.
Or tweeting or whatever they call it.
And although i already saw an oportunity to get the gossip from the horse's mouth at that time, i resisted cause it's called Twitter and it seems kinda retarded and aimed at people who can't write a sentence that contains more than 140 characters (or less).

But today i gave up, and even though i still think it seems kinda retarded, i joined the site i swore i would never join, in an attempt to cut out the bitchy middleman.
And i have been rewarded already.
Amber Benson, the same one we ran into in a shop in Los Angeles and that i got my picture taken with and showed my Buffy tattoo to (and possible scared the crap out of), wrote me a message.
Wrote me. A message.
To me.

So as you can see, totally worth it already!

I'm one of those scary fans, aren't i?
At least i don't have an altar or something... yet.
Now, off to bed to read some more season 8!


  1. Hmmmm not sure, yet, about just seems so, sooo, soooo something not good. But yea I am rather tired of the bithcy middleman as well, but its not like I can find a good alternative. Mostly what bugs me about Perez is how down on certain women, like Lily Allen and Demi Moores daughter (the one he calls potato head) I just really get tired of that kinda crap. BUT where else to get my celeb gossip?

    OHHHH and super duper congrats on the Buffy girl msg :) its always super duper coolness when celebs notice us, little people, are alive. I ran into a fav singer of mine last week and about peed my pants with excitement! I then called Jonas instead of Jonah, BUT he recognized me from a show, where we had chatted and was very friendly! Celebs, when they are cool, rock big time!

  2. Se.. jeg jeg har prøvet at holde mig væk.. hvis du går all in så blir jeg jo.. jamen... ikke tweeeeter.. det sutter.. samme som facebok bare uden alt det andet.... JAMEN!!!

  3. I agree, Tanya, it does seem... wrong somehow.
    Maybe because we're not 13?

    I have a lot of issues with Perez, but i guess my two main ones would be these:
    1) he sees the world as black or white, and my world is all about gray-zones, ex: you're either guilty or innocent, a slut or a saint and violence is never the answer (only, sometimes it is) and
    2) he hates women (the two you mentioned are excellent examples). The women he loves (Madonna, Lady Gaga) are not women, they're icons that he can put on a pedestal and worship, not regular, beautiful women who wears sweatpants on weekends and have cellulite.

    Plus, he's just so hateful, you know?
    But yeah, friendly celebs rock and because of them i'm donna give twitter a chance!

    Marvin, ro på, jeg dypper lige tæerne, men det er jo ikke sikkert jeg bliver.
    Så vent, jeg skal nok sige til hvis det er sikkert at hoppe i!

    Ps. Jeg hader jo "alt det andet" delen ved facebook, såeehh..

  4. I really liked Twitter when I first got it but now I mostly just enjoy reading updates from "shitmydadsays". It's so funny that I think that's pretty much the only mobile update I still allow! Oh, and Martha Stewart :/ But hers are funny too, just in a different way. Sometimes I think she's just wasted, sitting in bed with two empty bottles of wine and a Blackberry.

  5. I flit in an out of using Twitter. I always get bored, theres always too much to catch up on. Tear your eyes away for 20 minutes, and you have an hour to catch back up on then!

    What is the big deal with lady gaga?! shes dresses like a freak, is gross but makes us normal ladies look so much better!


  6. Har du set, at hun har sin helt egen blog også?