Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nothing but blue skies

Finally, a pretty and bright fall day, the kind that's lifting you up instead of bringing you down.
Me Lucifer and the iPhone went for a walk in the park.

The skies were really blue before they got toycam'ed, i swear
Can you spot the birdies?
I wonder what these are called?
Just in case...
Love those leaves
It was even warm enough for me to wear my new London dress
Paired with some sensible (read= huge and heavy) Japanese boots

Our clients today (more lovely Swedes) brought us the best stuffed birds from a market outside Gothenburg.
I don't know why i forgot to take pictures?
And Eckel bought a raven from Phillip, and that officially made it Taxidermy Tuesday.
Every tuesday should be Taxidermy Tuesday in my opinion.
Maybe stuffed animals can be the new cake?
Here's hoping!


  1. pretty day. those flowers are dahlias.
    they come in all many shapes and sizes.

  2. I am sooo into the concept of taxidermy tuesday!

  3. Thanks Alice! There are both pink, white and orange ones at the park.

    Tak mus!

    Me too, taxidermy tuesday should be every tuesday!