Friday, October 9, 2009


Allan recently discovered that MEG, one of our favorite j-pop stars, is doing two shows in Tokyo in November.
*Insert girlish squeal*!
Or at least that's what it looks like on her website.
On one of those days we'll be in Osaka for some stupid tattoo event (trust me, they are stupid) but on the next day we're back in Tokyo and i am going to that show, no matter what.

My favorite j-pop stars, Tommy February6 and Ai Otsuka have never done shows in Japan while i've been there (which is weird, actually, i feel like i go there all the time) so this is something i'm really looking forward to.

From MEG's official blog
If only this is what a MEG concert looks like...
Also from the blog...

In addition to being a model/pop star, MEG also has her own clothing brand, Carolina Glaser.
I'm gonna try to find her store in Harajuku next time i'm there and hopefully do some shopping.

Love the jacket
Love the layers
LOVE the shoes

My favorite MEG video is probably Precious, originally introduced to me by my friend Hanna.
It's weird and amazing, you gotta watch the whole thing.

Another great song, with another great video is Heart, which sadly can't be embedded, but go check it out anyway.
I also love Make Love and Prism Boy, but there are no videos for those songs.


  1. Oh my - shes really cute! I hope you have fun at the concert. I love going to concerts on trips!

  2. He he, har du ikke posted den video en gang før? Synes jeg kan huske de dansende katte! Det' sjovt!!

  3. Thanks so much Janice!!

    Me too, San, i've been to some good shows in Japan. but never with one of my favorite Japanese artists so i can't wait for this.
    It'll probably just be me, Allan and a whole bunch of teenage girls!

    Helle, det er meget muligt, men kattevideoen kan godt klare en reprise.
    Eller flere!