Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maple leaves

A slow evening.
I came home from work early (or earlier than usual i should say) so i could take a nap and try to beat my cold.
Don't know if it worked, but it was nice sleeping on the couch with Lucifer.

I also put the autumn headband up for sale in the etsy store, so go check it out (if that's your thing).
I love the pictures Allan took of this, so pretty.

Almost like real nature, right?
(Photo by Allan)

Allan did a lovely peacock today on one of our Swedish gals and i got a little bit of tattoo envy.
Doesn't happen to me very often, the envy, i think it's because i need more bird tattoos.


  1. i have so many birds... and i could still have more! im not even a huge 'bird fan' (not that i dont like them..) but they are just so pretty!!

  2. Det er så smukt det her headband. Reminds me of home, snøft! Jeg pønser i øvrigt på, at du skal lave et custom til mig...hvis du vil og har tid og sådan. Har et par ideer jeg gerne ville have i håret...eller hvad det nu hedder.

  3. Do you use a point and shoot camera or an SLR camera for alot of these shots? Im trying to find a point and shoot to travel with that takes great pics and is not too bulky...

  4. soooo beautiful :) I am not normally into fall colors but this one really appeals to me! OHHH and I totally am loving the new website look

  5. Fie, det vil jeg da rigtig gerne!
    Bare smid dine idéer efter mig!

    Tim, there are a lot of different cameras featured on the blog, but the pictures that Allan takes for me are all taken with his slr Canon 5D mark II.
    A lot of the ones i take at home myself are taken with our old slr, canon 300 D and the ones i take outdoors (that aren't taken with the iphone) are canon G9.
    I used to use a nice little point and shoot cam, a canon powershot, but that broke a while ago.
    But i would recommend that, or maybe a G11, for travel.

    Thanks Tanya, i'm glad you like it!