Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ldn. pt. 4

Sunday started out kind of rough.
Due to the greasy indian foof the previous evening i woke up with the worst stomach ache and some pretty aggressive gas (that's as much detail you get on that subject, don't worry!)
Apparently i wasn't the only one and we all agreed to stick the the hotel restaurant for the rest of the trip.
Anyway, we were meeting in the street so Anki could take pictures of everyone for a project she's working on.
Me and Allan were slow and got photographed last.
We were all really sleepy, so the results should be interesting!

After the photo session me, Allan, Hanna and Kent went to the market close by to do some shopping, but i was still feeling awful.
So when the guys went for breakfast i went back to the hotel and slept for another hour and that actually helped a lot.

After the photos
One our way to the market
I love these guys
I wore one of Chriss' t-shirts and i think i sold a few more that way
The lovely Sam in her flamingo dress brought cake and presents
Mr. Squirrel and Hanna tattooing Anki
Mr. Squirrel guarding the cake
Mr. Squirrel selling Inkrat machines (Hata had one stolen so i made a McGyver rubber-band chain and made my new sidekick guard them with his life)
Ankis crab by Hanna
End of the day, the booth is packed and we are sooo ready to leave
Cute cans at a convenience store
So cute i needed pictures of all of them
Ok, that's it, promise
Late at night we ran away from all the posers, douches and stalkers hanging out at the hotel bar (there were many nice people there too, of course, but that doesn't really matter when you can't get a chance to talk to them), and went for a drink in Hunter and Kents room instead
Sleepy time


  1. HAHAHA i look like a total moron - so gormless!

    Anki's crab turned out amazing, I'm more than a little jealous!xxx

  2. craB not craP (right?!) haha! mother of all typo's!