Friday, October 30, 2009

I'll take a check, tooth faerie

So, i just wanted y'all to know that i'm still alive.
Not well, but alive.
I kept my nerves in check pretty well during the day, and the procedure itself...
I guess it was somewhere between "not a big deal" and "fucking horrible".
Right now i'm ok, just hoping it'll bleed less tomorrow.
Blood tastes gross.

My mouth was all numb for a while after, it looked ridiculous when i tried to drink

On a completely different subject, i'm really hoping the Canon office in Shinjuku can fix my camera cheaper and faster than here.
Not taking pictures is driving me a little nuts.
Like today, the weather was amazing and i took Lucifer for a long walk in the park.
There were trees there that were completely yellow and some that were an almost florescent orange.
Even the rotten leaves on the ground looked pretty and on a rooftop i saw dozens of fat pigeons trying to keep each other warm.
I was going "uuhh" and "aawww" and "dang it!" and "crap!" all at the same time.

There's only about a week left now.
All this stuff keeps piling up, making it almost impossible to get excited about leaving, but once i'm there... once i'm there i'll finally feel like i'm home again and i'll be happy.
That's how it usually goes anyway.

Ps. Pictures of my gross wisdom tooth tomorrow!


  1. Søde stakkels lille baby!! Sød ser du alligevel ud!!

  2. awww you look so sad :(

    you're a brave little soldier :) x

  3. Du ser så sød ud!
    Og sjovt du skriver om blade! Jeg gik blad-amok med kameraet i går, så der kommer billeder i dag. Så må du kigge på dem indtil du får dit kamera tilbage!

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  5. h nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn7

  6. aw poor you! Wisdom teeth suck. I hope you fell better soon. Cuddle Lucifer, that always helps :)

  7. God bedring - ja jeg synes også du ser helt utrolig nuttet ud :)

  8. Du ser sød ud, du ligner faktisk en eller anden skuespiller, jeg ikke lige kan komme på navnet på...

    Jeg skal også have min ene visdomstand fjernet (når jeg engang får taget mig sammen), jeg havde faktisk tænkt på at få den forsølvet og lavet til en eller anden form for smykke. Ser de virkelig gross ud?

  9. Awwww...glad to see you got though the tooth pulling ok, it’s never fun. I just had all the wires adjusted on my brace, so I feel your pain.:( Painkillers in the morning coffee is normally a good combination. Rest and get well soon. :)

  10. - Jeg kan garantere dig, at det kun bliver bedre dag for dag - og til sidst kan man spise alt hvad man vil, med begge sider af sin mund, selvom man tänker, at det aldrig vil blive muligt igen. Föler med dig, og har hardcore Nyquil stack hvis du behöver !!

  11. Oh, poor little tooth! I thought it was funny that you disabled comments yesterday (but totally understand why). I hope you feel better soon, and I'm glad you were able to get this out of the way before Japan!

  12. Was it a bottom tooth? At least you got through and over the worst part now, so that's good! I'm glad, too, that you took care of it before Japan.

  13. Thanks everybody/tak allesammen!!

    It was a bottom tooth, i'm a little more swollen today (hamster cheek!) but not bruised.
    And less with the bleeding, ew.

    Anne, den er ikke vildt klam, den skal bare lige have en tur i brintoverilte i aften, så tror jeg den bliver helt præsentabel.
    Jeg havde også tænkt mig at den måske skulle i en halskæde, men jeg tror ikke den bliver forsølvet.
    Men det kunne da se vildt fint ud!

    Coralene, i did find that oil by the way, and while it was super foul tasting, it worked really well.

  14. I am so glad your feeling better :) Wisdom tooth stuff is not fun. I agree with Coralene, that you disabling the comments was just about too cute....and understandable. Not sure if your dentist recommended this, you might want to google it or call him/her and ask. Biting down on a tea bag will release some type of something that stops or slows down the bleeding from having a tooth pulled. Its what my dentist suggested after I had my wisdom tooth pulled, it helped a lot.

    Sending you lots of "I only know you via your blog" love "so I dont wanna sound weird by using the word love" and healing energy!

  15. ...og må jeg lige komplimentere dig for at poste verdens sjoveste tandlægesang. Jeg kan den film udenad. Oh, Mama!

  16. Jeg har to store du gerne må få, hvis du ligefrem kan bygge et eller andet ud af dem.