Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If this was Nicks post, the headline would've been "Sleepy Chef"

I'm a little confused today.
There's too much on my plate and my mind is just all over the place.
It's been like that for a while and i can't seem to just get these things done, these things that need to be done for me to get some peace of mind.
Some of it is beyond my control, but i still wish it was behind me already.
There's just a lot of stuff, always is.

Ok, enough whining, we had a very nice day at the shop today.
Lots of clients and friends dropping by, and my mom came in for touchup too.
Me and Anne went to the hobby shop and bought some yarn, and ended up buying a million other little things too.

After work my mom made us dinner and gave me a quick knitting refreshment course, a much needed one too.
I still suck at it so bad, especially compared to her.
She doesn't even knit, ever, so how come she's so fucking good at it?

Here's my practice piece, i need to get a lot better before making any serious attempts
I bought this vintage skirt on etsy a few weeks ago, it pretty much goes with everything
(Hat: handmade from eBay, Shoes: Office, Tights: from Japan, Sweater: Primark... at least that's what i think that place was called)

The owl is a gift from my friend Tina (Wow, Allans camera is so much better than mine...)

Now i'm gonna watch a movie with Nick and Allan, and possibly fall asleep while watching it.


  1. Ehhh hvor er det fint :) du strikker :)

  2. the skirt is great and the accompanying pictures are super cute! :)

    I love anne, shes so beautiful! It seems cph is full of awesome people, can I come live there with you? :) hehe xxx

  3. practice and you'll soon be a pro-knitter :D

    I love your skirt and the tights.

  4. Yay knitting! Put some pics up when you get started and I will do the same with my current project.

  5. Look who shows up when you google anne! (top left hand corner)

    my boss loves her, we look at her modelling shots in work! xxx

  6. Jeg strikker herre dårligt... men jeg strikker!

    Thanks Betty, i think there's a long way to pro though!

    Adele, i'll post something when it looks like... something!

    Sam, that is so weird.
    I'd be pretty disappointed if i googled Anne and a picture of my mug turned up!