Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's all about that other blog today, so all you get is a "what-i-had-for-dinner" post.
At least there's no knitting today, right?
Dinner was a Japanese style tofu/vegetable/rice dish, if you were wondering.

I am beyond stoked about the new shop, but it also means living less than large for a while.
Not that we live like billionaires now, far from it, but we are gonna need to cut back on a few things, such as takeout food on weekdays.
It seems likely that we'll be paying double rent for a while, and there's a lot of fixing up that needs to be done in the new shop.
Not to mention rent in Japan.
And Allans backpiece.
And a shit ton of other expenses that i don't even wanna think about.
So yeah, more home-cooking, less takeout.
Good thing i don't shop much or i'd have to cut back on that too!

I got a call from my mother in law today and it turns out that she has a bunch of embroidery yarn for me.
There's money to be saved there too, so her timing couldn't be better.
She's mailing me some now and i get the rest for Christmas.

Simple, healthy, cheap (except for the tofu)


  1. Ja ja, tofu smofu, må vi høre mere om de sweatpants dér?! :)

  2. Der er en lille kineser på Halmtorvet, lige nede ved rundkørslen, i en kælder...der kan man købe tofu for 12 kroner pr. 500 gram. Godt nok den plasticindpakkede kinesiske udgave...men ganske god og billig!

    - Camilla

  3. 12 kroner!? Det var sat'me billigt!
    Tak for tippet, den vil jeg prøve snart.

  4. WOW I go out of town for three days and gosh I miss a lot of stuff :) Super duper congrats on the exciting news about the shop!