Friday, October 9, 2009

Early weekend, day one

I got woken up way too early this morning, by a computer repair man.
That's not a code for something sexy by the way, he really just came to fix my computer.
So me and Allan sat around with our eyes barely open while this nice gentleman took my laptop apart and then put it back together.

Thank you

Allan drove by Helle and Michael to drop off their baby bed and then we took Lucifer to his new vet to get his annual vaccines, he wasn't a big fan, but i think he took it quite well.
After that we went by Youngs shop to buy some stuff, deliver some other stuff and plan our upcoming War of the Worlds Marathon.
Cake and tripod burgers, that's all i'll say for now.
Then we went by Martins place to check his mail and water what was left of his plants, and this time i brought the right key.

It was strange being back in the old apartment, the old neighborhood.
But i don't miss it, just riding down Nørrebrogade, harsh wind in your face and a struggling to share the busiest bike lane in the city with a million other aggressive cyclists.
Nope, neither of us missed that, we agreed.
But still, you get nostalgic, you know?
The old neighborhood is just more... real.

I used to live with that Ewok
There used to be a billboard here, this is an improvement

On our way back we passed by the shop, to find that Nick had been stood up by his client.
So we all went to Halifax and ordered giant, delicious burgers.
It was too early for dinner really, but who cares.

The boys

Me, Allan and Lucifer took a wonderful nap when we got home.
I love early weekend.
We soon had to get back out there, though, Nicks gallery opening was tonight*.
It was also Kulturnat, so the city was packed with people.
I never do anything on Kulturnat, i even have Kulturnat guilt.
It's just not really my thing i guess.
But the gallery was nice and Nicks paintings looked real good there.
When the others went off to a bar, the kind were you're still allowed to smoke no less, this old, boring married couple (and their dog) went straight home.
We ate chips and snuggled on the couch.
Being boring is pretty awesome.


*Photos of that on my other blog.


  1. I'm totally with you on the being old before your time thing (although being married doesn't apply quite yet for me!)
    I was out having a quiet drink the other night with a friend and the bar got bombarded with freshers(new students) on a pub crawl. All absolutely shitfaced, wearing next to no clothes and being loud and made me want to leave immediately and take up camp on the sofa with my knitting! Staying in is the new going out I say x

  2. Det holder SÅ meget at være et gammelt gift par. Det er det bedste - også selvom folk synes man er røvkedelig. They don't know no better!

  3. thats why I'm Nana Sam!

    I stay in like a little old lady :)

    That pic of you and lucifer is so adorable!!! :) xxx

  4. Hehehe.. Sejt med snig billeder fra hjemme fra. Hvordan har planterne det?

  5. Deep sigh, I love knowing the odd mundane details of your life :)