Saturday, October 3, 2009

Deer, deer, deeeeer bisquits

So, i did manage to clean the apartment today.
Yay for that.
But i forgot to relax and do nothing.
Or i just didn't feel like doing nothing i guess.
But that's ok, at least i made headbands and stuff because i felt like it and was really into it, not because i had to.
And that's relaxing too, right?

Allan went to the post office today and picked up a package from Alice and Lewie full of amazing stuff.
Such a nice surprise, those guys get us the most awesome presents.
There was a bunch of cute fabric in the package and i actually already used some of it to make a pincushion.

See, i found this little thing on etsy, someone had made a pincushion out of an old toothpick holder and i decided to borrow that idea for myself.
Now, i just wanna clarify that i don't usually steal peoples ideas and if i hadn't had this old planter, i would have bought the one on etsy right away.
I might still buy it, actually, it's so damn cute...
And also, i would never re-sell the one i just made, as it's not my idea.
I really hate people who copy other peoples work and pass it on as their own, and having been the victim of copycat-ism myself i know how much it hurts, so i wanna make sure i give credit to the person who came up with this awesome idea.
Ok, with that out of the way, here's what i used Alice's fabric for!

I needed a pincushion just for my sewing needles and this is the perfect size
I'll enjoy this so much more in my workroom than i ever did when it was a planter

I hope i can get Allan to take a few nice shots of the headbands i've been working on today, i'm really excited about showing them to you!


  1. I have to agree with Hella J on this! ... By the way, it's called inspiration, my dearest daughter in law, and has nothing what so ever to do with stealing! So you don't have to be so modest about your creativity! Although it does you great credit that you tell us how you got inspired! ... Personally, I think you're a genius, sweetie!! c",) XX

  2. Jeg er altså enig med englen herover. Man kan (og skal!) altid lade sig inspirere til at gøre noget med sine egne tanker og hænder. Jeg er jo fx absolut heller ikke den første, der har tænkt på at sætte små fugle på grene og hænge dem op - bare googl "bird mobile" og det vælter ind - men idéen er jo god, og resultatet personligt. Ligesom din nålepude (som faktisk er bedre end den, du henviser til!)

    Rant, rant. Jeg synes bare, du skal være stolt af det du laver, nå!

  3. Altså, jeg er jo også enig med din svigermor og mutter F. Du er kreativ - det kan du ligeså godt acceptere først som sidst! Du er absolut ikke en tyv, fordi du lader dig inspirere, men en kunst elsker. Bum.

  4. Tak fine venner og svigermor!
    Jeg er nu også glad for (og stolt af) min nye nålepude, men jeg synes bare at det er vigtigt at give credit til den der kom på idéen, må man nu ved hvem det er.
    Jeg mener heller ikke selv at der er noget galt med at lade sig inspirere, så længe man ikke benægter hvor inspirationen kommer fra, og så længe man ikke prøver at sælge idéen videre som original.
    I ved hvad jeg mener!
    Desuden var den overraskende nem at lave, jeg fyldte bare pladevat i et stykke stof og bandt et par elastikker om.

  5. What a sweet idea! It turned out nicely. Is this the first time you've made a pin cushion? They aren't really as easy as they look- I tried to make one a month or so ago and totally butchered it. It looked like a sad little um... goiter or something. (what a gross word, goiter?? why is that the first thing that popped into my head?!) Anyways, well done!

  6. Goiter! What a fun new word!
    Gross, but fun!

    It was actually surprisingly easy.
    I've never made one before and i had no idea how to go about it, so i just cut some fabric, wrapped it around some filling and tied two rubber bands around it, so it kinda looked like a double, mushroom type cushion.
    That's it, it totally stays there and you can't even see the rubber bands!