Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another acorn project

Friday morning i got a letter from my mother in-law.
She'd promised to send me an advance on my Christmas present; embroidery yarn from her personal collection.
I got just the colors i needed to finish the oak leaf and acorn design i started the other day.
I did most of it at the shop with the sound of Allan tattooing, and The Welcome Wagon playing, in the background, and finished it when i came home.
Fridays are the best.

Good stuff
The picture is a little blurry, but trust me, it's much better that way!

I just noticed that you can see a bit of my acorn tattoo in this picture.
Not intentional, but kinda funny.

As promised, a gross wisdom tooth

Hydrogen peroxide got it clean, but also gave it kind of a funny color
Look at that crooked-ass root, no wonder she had a hard time pulling that sucker out

Ok, so maybe it's not necklace material, but it's still a pretty cool tooth.

No rest

For a person who was supposed to be at home resting all day (dentists orders) i sure got around a lot.
My mom and me drove out to see my grandfather.
It's been way too long since i've seen him, so i had grandfather guilt, but he was gracious enough not to remind me.

Lucifer on the couch
The plant my grandfather is growing for me is looking pretty good

After the visit my mom dropped me off near the shop and i went to work.
It was a chill day with only a bit of emails and sterilization to be done, but i still should have probably stayed at home.
But then i wouldn't have gotten cake and flødeboller, now would i?
Tricky to eat, but so worth it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I'll take a check, tooth faerie

So, i just wanted y'all to know that i'm still alive.
Not well, but alive.
I kept my nerves in check pretty well during the day, and the procedure itself...
I guess it was somewhere between "not a big deal" and "fucking horrible".
Right now i'm ok, just hoping it'll bleed less tomorrow.
Blood tastes gross.

My mouth was all numb for a while after, it looked ridiculous when i tried to drink

On a completely different subject, i'm really hoping the Canon office in Shinjuku can fix my camera cheaper and faster than here.
Not taking pictures is driving me a little nuts.
Like today, the weather was amazing and i took Lucifer for a long walk in the park.
There were trees there that were completely yellow and some that were an almost florescent orange.
Even the rotten leaves on the ground looked pretty and on a rooftop i saw dozens of fat pigeons trying to keep each other warm.
I was going "uuhh" and "aawww" and "dang it!" and "crap!" all at the same time.

There's only about a week left now.
All this stuff keeps piling up, making it almost impossible to get excited about leaving, but once i'm there... once i'm there i'll finally feel like i'm home again and i'll be happy.
That's how it usually goes anyway.

Ps. Pictures of my gross wisdom tooth tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So long, sucker!

I had a dentist appointment today.
I have another one tomorrow.
The tooth is coming out and i'm feeling pretty good about that.
The bastard needs to go, and it needs to go before i leave for Japan.
I'm not thrilled, in fact i'm a little nervous, but it needs to be done.
I'm on antibiotics and some stronger painkillers, so i'm thinking it's gonna be ok.

Comments are off, and if you're wondering why on earth that could be, it's because i don't want anyone to get the bright idea that they need to share their own wisdom tooth horror stories, so just send me good thoughts instead!

It could be so much worse, my dentist could be this guy:

I need to go watch some dvds and think about other stuff.
Like the new shop... ahhh, the new shop is definitely on my list of happy places.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's all about that other blog today, so all you get is a "what-i-had-for-dinner" post.
At least there's no knitting today, right?
Dinner was a Japanese style tofu/vegetable/rice dish, if you were wondering.

I am beyond stoked about the new shop, but it also means living less than large for a while.
Not that we live like billionaires now, far from it, but we are gonna need to cut back on a few things, such as takeout food on weekdays.
It seems likely that we'll be paying double rent for a while, and there's a lot of fixing up that needs to be done in the new shop.
Not to mention rent in Japan.
And Allans backpiece.
And a shit ton of other expenses that i don't even wanna think about.
So yeah, more home-cooking, less takeout.
Good thing i don't shop much or i'd have to cut back on that too!

I got a call from my mother in law today and it turns out that she has a bunch of embroidery yarn for me.
There's money to be saved there too, so her timing couldn't be better.
She's mailing me some now and i get the rest for Christmas.

Simple, healthy, cheap (except for the tofu)

Finally tuesday

Remember last night when i said i may have some great news today?
Well, i do and you can read all about it right here!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Monday, rainy, dark.
That pretty much sums it up, right?
We were so soaked when we came home, that we had to change all of our clothes.
That part doesn't bother me so much, though, coming in from the rain is always kind of nice.

I did a little knitting at the shop today, but i'm obviously still very much at the beginner stage.
My mom tried to teach me some new tricks the other day, but i'm as bad a learner as she is a teacher, so we got nowhere.
Whatever, i'll keep at it, even though i can tell it interests you guys about as much as my mad embroidery skills!*

It'll either be an ugly ass headband or a really thin scarf!
I did another embroidery design when i came home from work, this time i applied it to an old cardigan (my arm got sore, so i'm taking a break)

Tomorrow there may or may not be some totally exciting news on the untitled blog.
If not, well, at least there won't be any knitting posts.

*Yes, i did notice that you were not very impressed by my adventures into the wonderful world of yarn.
And apparently Pilates sweatpants are not really your thing either.
You, my dear readers, are people of impeccable taste, and it takes more to impress you than hobby knitting and homemade velour pants!
I hear ya loud and clear.

Stat issues

Anyone here besides me using Statcounter?
I haven't been able to log into my account for about three days now.
Some of their features work, but my account page won't load, at all.
Anyone having that problem too?

Update: Nevermind, it's not them, it's me.
I cleaned up some stuff and it works fine now.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Knitting Club

I went to my first crafty sunday at Anne and Pil's knitting club today and i completely forgot to take pictures.
I must get a camera soon, this is no good.
Oh, about cameras, Allan talked to the Canon people and fixing my Powershot will cost me the same as a new one.
I think i might bring it to Japan and see if it's cheaper to get it fixed there.
It's brand new, so buying a new one just seems dumb, right?

On my way across the bike bridge
What i managed to finish while there, i did this design myself, it's more fun than using the pre-made ones
Next time i'll remember to take lots of pictures of the other girls, the stuff they were making and the food we ate too.
Now, sushi with the guys.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Multitasking= sucking at several things at once?

Still practicing knitting, still not any good.
It's gonna be more than a while before i start working on the secret project that got me knitting in the first place.
I think i might actually have to get good at this before starting it.
Ugh, i hate learning new stuff.

Speaking of new stuff, i decided to finally try some of the Sublime Stitching patterns i got from Tina and Alice.
The other day when me and Anne went to the hobby shop i bought some embroidery yarn, just enough to get started, so last night i did a test.

My desk today: the sweater was bought on etsy a while back and arrived today (it has a faint cat pee smell, so i have to wash it before wearing it, but it looks awesome)
Stitching test, i mixed white and baby blue for the rice
Another test, mixed two kinds of green for the nori

The embroidering is fun, but i think i'm gonna have more fun with it if i do some designs of my own as well.*
But not today.
Today i'm gonna try to not notice how dark it is outside, try to forget my health problems and drink some good coffee and tea, watch some Firefly and snuggle with my puppy.

*Also, who puts a belt of nori around their salmon nigiri?
Not me.
Remind me not to go for sushi the next time i'm in Austin.


Healthy fake Japanese fast-food was my theme for last nights dinner.
It wasn't half bad.

A mix of white and brown rice, cabbage, veggie schnitzel and pre-made potato salad with tomatoes and cucumber

Why don't i feel like this?

Friday, October 23, 2009


Another one of my hats is featured in an etsy treasury.
Go check it our before it expires!

I agree, gotta love the tartan

The bathroom bear

I was looking for some soap today, and i found not only a full refill bottle of liquid soap, but also this forgotten treasure.

It was a gift from one of Allans Japanese clients, he knows we love Rilakkuma

And the days grow darker

I gave myself the day off today.
I've been feeling so bad, and when Allan suggested i take a day off it took me about a nano second to say "ok".
Of course, instead of relaxing like i should be, i've been doing laundry, going to the post office, taking the dog for an hour long walk and doing the dishes.
But i also managed to finish the sweat pants i started the other day.
For a moment it felt kind of silly to spend so much time on something i could buy finished for about a 100 dkr. down the street, but i had the fabric and the opportunity, and there is something very satisfying about being able to do stuff like this for yourself and the planet.

Black velour with a comfy loose waistband
Here's me, blending right in
They're a little too short, but that's what was left of the fabric

In two weeks we're going to Japan.
Still haven't studied.
I'm excited about going back, as always, but at the same time there's so much going on here at the moment, that i can hardly imagine leaving.
Maybe that's why leaving is such a good idea?
The world can wait.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have a wisdom tooth on the move.
It's not super painful yet, but it's very, very uncomfortable.
I booked a dentist appointment, but it's right before we go to Japan, so if they need to (gasp!) extract it, it'll have to wait another three weeks.
Bad timing must be my other middle name.

In an effort to not do any shopping before Japan, i'm wearing the stuff in my closet that i don't usually wear.
Like this vintage leather skirt paired with a sweater vest i found in the trash, and tartan tights from Jeans Mate.
It may not be pretty but... no, that's it.

It's as if i just bought them
Fairy cake all the way from Paris, home made too!

Ok, i take back what i said about the tooth, it is actually pretty painful.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If this was Nicks post, the headline would've been "Sleepy Chef"

I'm a little confused today.
There's too much on my plate and my mind is just all over the place.
It's been like that for a while and i can't seem to just get these things done, these things that need to be done for me to get some peace of mind.
Some of it is beyond my control, but i still wish it was behind me already.
There's just a lot of stuff, always is.

Ok, enough whining, we had a very nice day at the shop today.
Lots of clients and friends dropping by, and my mom came in for touchup too.
Me and Anne went to the hobby shop and bought some yarn, and ended up buying a million other little things too.

After work my mom made us dinner and gave me a quick knitting refreshment course, a much needed one too.
I still suck at it so bad, especially compared to her.
She doesn't even knit, ever, so how come she's so fucking good at it?

Here's my practice piece, i need to get a lot better before making any serious attempts
I bought this vintage skirt on etsy a few weeks ago, it pretty much goes with everything
(Hat: handmade from eBay, Shoes: Office, Tights: from Japan, Sweater: Primark... at least that's what i think that place was called)

The owl is a gift from my friend Tina (Wow, Allans camera is so much better than mine...)

Now i'm gonna watch a movie with Nick and Allan, and possibly fall asleep while watching it.

Oh hi

I don't really have time to blog today.
I don't most days actually, but today i really don't.
It's Nicks birthday, so i went straight home after work and grocery shopping to make birthday burgers.
Because there's enough cake in our lives as it is, so birthday burgers seemed more special.
And the were epic too, so good in fact that i forgot to take pictures.

So, back tomorrow!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Not so fancy pants

The other day at the Pilates thing i felt like such a dork in my bright red 80's track pants and colorful arms.
The instructor even made a comment about my first name (Flora) and how it suited me well with my tattoos and clothes or something like that.
She was just making conversation, but it made me feel like a little kid somehow.
I don't mind standing out, of course, but i'm pretty shy and a huge social spazz when i meet new people, so sometimes i too just want to blend in a bit.
So today i'm making some black sweatpants.

I kind of got sidetracked by cooking dinner, painting my nails and watching Castle, so maybe i won't finish them until tomorrow
Lucifer has had a rough day (there was a visit to the V-E-T involved) so he's relaxing

Allan went to a show with Eckel, but as soon as he comes back we're watching Return of the King.
I love three day movie marathons.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Basement shopping was a hit.
I found some dresses, found some sweaters, even found some sweater-dresses.
I also looked in some boxes full of really old stuff, that memory lane sure can be a harsh place to visit.
But i found what i went down there for, and then some.

My grandmas old knitting needles, and a few new ones
Some neat tools
Sealskin leftovers that i bought in Greenland when i was 15
Antique buckles, i think maybe i found a bag of those at my old job years ago, i have no idea what to do with them though
My old porcelain doll was getting moldy, so i rescued it (based on the writing in the matching notepad, i'd guess that i've had that since i was about 7)
Found a bunch of old yarn too, now, if i could only remember how to knit...?

Besides visiting the basement i haven't accomplished much today.
And i slept way too late too.
Weekend guilt.
I'm just getting so used to having a million unfinished projects lying on my desk, and now that there's nothing urgent waiting for me to finish it, i don't really know what to do with myself when i'm home.
I'm afraid to ask Allan, cause i know he'll suggest a movie involving Hobbits and that'll be the end of this weekend.
Oh well, i do like Hobbits...


I need to make another trip to the basement for winter clothes today.
Anything remotely warm is coming back upstairs this time.
I hate seasons, i wanna live someplace warm with no weather to speak of.

My stomach muscles are sore as hell today, but that means pilates worked, right?
I'm actually looking forward to trying it again.

It's hard to tell from the picture here, but my arm is all bruised and yellow today, ouch

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lets get physical (ish)

I finally did it.
I signed up for, and attended, an intro to Pilates class.
I know it's been a while since i bought those yoga pants and said i was gonna stop ignoring my body and start exercising, but i've been sick, busy and , well, undecided.
All the yoga places i looked at were so... spiritual.
And if you know me, you'll know that that's not my thing.
I just want a stronger, better vessel to carry me around, you know?
And Pilates seems to be all about that, without being all saved and preachy at the same time.
It was hard, but also nice.
I've been doing sit ups on my floor for so many years, that my abs are actually super strong (too bad they're hidden by a thick layer of belly fat!) and that really helped me today.
The studio is between work and home and i think i'll try to go there about once a week.

What better way to celebrate ones journey into the world of fitness, than eating leftover cake?
Lucifer, he's such a strange little dog-person
Listening to our new records

Friday, October 16, 2009

Natural selection

It's been raining today.
Rain means darkness and darkness means sad Amalie.
But there was a few moments of pretty fall weather and inside we had carrot cake and coffee, so it could have been a lot worse.

The park is all green and red now, and pretty when it's not raining

Slightly off topic, but still nature related; my favorite thing that i bought in London this year was probably the Oxford shoes from Office, but this Darwin flash by Seth Wood is a close second.
We're getting it framed and it's gonna hang near my little corner of the shop.

Brilliant idea and so beautifully made

Thursday, October 15, 2009



We had a pretty mellow day at the shop today, but we did manage to get some tattooing done.
She still needs a bit (or a lot) of touchup, but other than that, my Russian antler girl is finally finished.
Now, enjoy a picture of my bloody shoulder!


Oh, and to those of you following the drama regarding my Australian single-white-female-copycat (thanks for that one, Roger!), here's an update.
After i posted my angry rant about this person copying my work, a lot of my loyal and awesome readers (including my otherwise mild mannered mother in law!) left comments on her blog, politely asking her to stop fucking copying me, and delete the posts.
She didn't.
She just deleted their comments.
But since my friends aren't that easy to scare off, and just left her new ones, she has now closed her blog for comments.
But the posts with my words in them have not been deleted.
And that's that.

So how do i feel about the whole thing?
I hope, of course, that she's come to her senses and is done stealing from me, but i've been there before so i'm not convinced.

Ps. If you're reading this (and we both know you are): i think you're an asshat.


Allan never cooks, but i somehow convinced him to make lasagna on his day off (i made a side salad) and it was delish!
Home made wasabi for take out sushi
Sunday brunch, nothing fancy, just eggs with lots of cheese

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm supposed to get a tattoo finished tomorrow, but i still have this friggin cold and Allan hasn't even doodled anything yet, so i'm unsure if it's gonna happen.
You'd think living and working together made planning stuff easier, right?
We'll see.

Today was not exactly taxidermy tuesday (it being wednesday might have had something to do with that) but it was just as good.
Eckel got me this awesome weasel skull (or at least we think it's weasel?) at a shop on Amager.
I'm thinking of making replicas of it for hats, and i already dropped by a special effects shop recommended by a client to see what the options are.
They said it'd be difficult, but i'm thinking it might be fun too.
And we have a friend who might be able to help me.

Weasel skull (i got the amazing fabric from Alice)
This little guy would look so good on a hat