Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to Tirol

I don't really know what happened here...
I was just gonna go buy some hair-color, but instead i ended up at a thrift store on Vesterbrogade where i bought not one but two vintage Tyrolean dresses!
I went in looking for something cute to wear at the London convention (which is so soon, panic, shock, nerves!) and left with something that i can't wear anywhere.
Smart move, Amalie, really smart.
They had a bunch of cute dresses, but none of them really fit me, they were all either m/l or xxs.

Toycam gone mad
It's both green and red, perfect for indecisive people like myself
This one is navy and pink
I immediately started a matching headband (mostly cause i need something to do when i take a break from the wedding piece i'm working on, if i don't have a backup project i'll just rush things and fuck it all up)
Oh and Dear Lord of Shopping, why even show me this lemon colored beauty if it won't fit me? Why?

Back to work.


  1. hey amalie, those are beautiful! Since here in Munich the Oktoberfest began yesterday, this would be a great Opportunity to wear one of them. I have some too, we call this kind of dresses "Dirndl" and I really love this traditional look!

  2. Good job on the dirndl , Heidi pants !! And consider your pint glass inventory restocked ! See ya tomorrow !

  3. I feel your pain on that lemon dress, I found the most EPIC pair of boots on etsy yesterday and they were 1 size too small :(

  4. i'm glad i'm not the only one who needs a convention dress :)

    we'll be the best dressed ladies there! xxx

  5. Hi Lilly, thanks for your comment!
    I think Octoberfest is a great excuse and i'm gonna use that should anyone ask about my choice of dress!
    I love Munich by the way, but haven't been there in so many years.

    Wren, right back at ya!!

    Glad to hear y'all are dirndl lovers too!