Wednesday, September 23, 2009

UK in just a few hours...

Tomorrow we're off to London.
It's been a while since we've been out of the country, but i'm not really all that excited yet.
Travel excitement usually doesn't happen for me until i'm in the air or at the destination.
In this case i think it's gonna kick in at Heathrow when i see Hata (we arranged to land at the same time so we could split a cab to the city, that's some professional traveling right there!)
But a weekend trip for work hardly counts as "travel" anyway, right?

I'm not packed yet, but i did lay out some clothes on the bed before Lucifer convinced me to take a powernap with him.
All the clothes i picked are way too fancy and i'm probably gonna look like i crashed the wrong party, but whatever.
"When in doubt, overdress".
I think that's a Vivienne Westwood quote and it's served me pretty well for a long time now.

I've been in a hat making frenzy this past week, so besides doing the custom orders, i managed to finish two pieces for myself.
One you'll have to wait to see, i'll post pictures from the convention this weekend, if the internet gods will allow it.
The other one i tried to take a picture of last night, but i was tired and well...
The result is probably the blurriest picture in Untitled Blog history!

You can't tell, but it's a pink and blue headband with a flower

Ps. What's up with the "following" gadget?
I haven't been able to see it for days now...


  1. Jeg kan heller ikke de followers! Ditte kan godt. meeeget mystisk.
    Tror på et tidspunkt, du bliver nød til at lave mig, en mariehønehårbøjlehat. :)


  2. jeg kan ikke SE followers. (Klokken er mange og hverken mave eller hjerne er skiftet ud endnu)!


  3. Yay. London is nice and sunny at the moment, not sure how long it will last though. London fashion week and London design festival are taking place. Worth checking out. Have a great time :)

  4. see you on Friday! Im also having a clothes crisis. If you manage to escape, we can hit up the shops. Office is a must for the beautiful shoes! x

  5. Smoke bombs, those are good for escapes, right?
    I'll pack one, just in case!

  6. Dang indeed , Heidi pants ! But I'll try to save some for when you get back !! Promise ! Have fun and chips in Londontown and if ya see Liz'beth , tell her hi for me !!

    Laterz !!

  7. Oh, jeg elsker den quote! Anyway, I'm sure you'll look fab!

  8. Babe, overdressing is better than underdressing. I fxxking hate to see all these (I dare to presume) North Americans wearing flip-flops in my country!!!

    Take care and have fun in London.

  9. dont forget, i'm all for being dragged away shopping if you have time! :) xxx

  10. Hallo. Vi begynder at få en lille smule abstinenser her. Must...have...daily...yellow...pant...fix.

    Håber I har det dejligt!