Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday traditions

After a power nap on the couch we met Wookie for sunday coffee and ice cream on Skydebanegade.
I had strawberry, pine nut and cassata siciliana.
And a small café latte.

It was cold today and i was rockin the "how-not-to-layer" look
A melon on a doorstep
The temporary bookstore
Lucifer made another three second friend
Taxidermy goodness
Someone decided to take Pakistan International out for some fresh air

I like Vesterbro on sundays.


  1. Have you ever seen Sarina Brewer's work?

    Click on 'Fantasy'- I need a unicorn and a Capricorn! Some of them are terribly creepy but those two, I just love them. I think she's wonderful.

    Also, you do not look like you don't know how to layer! You look warm and sweet in little fall colors. And super cheerful, haha :)

  2. That is some good stuff, the capricorn is the prettiest thing ever!
    And the tiny jackalopes are great too!

    I'm normally a layering champ, but i think i'm still in denial about summer being over.
    Or maybe it's just sunday and my brain isn't really working.