Saturday, September 5, 2009

Roses and garden parties

So, because it rained all day on our anniversary we had time to do some fun indoor activities (that came out kinda wrong, didn't it?) instead of the walk around town we'd originally planned.
Among them was cleaning the washing machine and taking pictures of hats!

Now, i didn't document draining the stinky water from the washing machine, so you'll have to settle for a few hat pictures this time.
Some of them may have been posted while being in-progress, but there's some new stuff too.
None of them are for sale yet, but they will be, when i get the energy to upload the pictures to the etsy shop, or send the hats to Sweden.

Vintage pink rose, vintage lace on a thin hair band covered in braided brown ribbon
Tea party fascinator with vintage roses and rosehips, a white bird (i painted his legs and beak yellow, he looked so pale) and white netting
Red, black and leopard fascinator with feathers and a big old red rose (i know i've posted pictures of this one before) SOLD
Humming bird resting on some leaves and a purple bow, mounted on a thin hair band covered in purple ribbon SOLD
Beigy-orange peony and vintage lace, on a broad ribbon covered hair band

Allan needed to test the light or something for some portraits he's planning (not of me, by the way) so i modeled for him in exchange for the hat pictures
(All photos by Allan)

That's it for now, and this is probably all i'm gonna get done today.
I had big hopes for this day off, but i'm just not up for doing much of anything.
Feeling a little stressed out and a little sad, to be honest.

But we did have brunch/coffee/ice cream with Nick who just got back from his way-too-long travels, and that was pretty awesome.
But working and cleaning?
Nah, it'll wait until tomorrow.


  1. i want the tea party one, how much??? :) xxx

  2. You have seriously outdone yourself! I'm going to have to jump on the tea party bandwagon here- it's absolutely divine, and I never ever use cheesy words like divine! The first one, the rose, looks so real! Does it feel velvety? The white rose I bought to make my fancy wedding bird hat felt real and I love it, but it was really expensive for a fake flower.

  3. Hvor er du fantastisk kreativ og talentfuld. Din Hummingbird i lilla og gule farver vil passe så godt i mit hår. Vild med dine ting! Glæder mig til det kommer i shoppen.

  4. Ej, 1000 tak!!

    Jeg var lige lidt creepy-stalker-agtig og googlede dig (minimega lød som noget der måtte undersøges) og din blog og hjemmeside er jo helt vildt fede! Super fine sager!

  5. they're gorgeous!
    and the photos too.

  6. they're all so pretty! Specially the one with the little tea cup. What a lovely idea.

  7. Thanks guys!
    I'm sure Allan will be happy that the photos are appreciated too!

  8. you're very, very pretty!

  9. Thanks Clarah, you're very, very sweet!

    Oh, and the first rose isn't super velvety, but it's got thickness and texture and it's definitely not the cheap kind!

  10. Hei! Jeg elsker dine vakre kreasjoner. Har du laget noen til barn før? Kunne du tenkt deg å lage noen få til min lille webshop? Til små prinsesser som skal pynte seg. :D Hva ville de i så fall koste? Webshoppen min retter seg mest mot barn (og mammar naturligens) med plakater med søte figurer og alfabetet.

    Jeg åpnet butikken min på mandag, så det hele er fortsatt veldig nytt for meg, men jeg legger til varer kontinuelig. Så langt har jeg mest papirvarer og noen få håndlagde produkter. Jeg leter etter andre produkttyper å selge og er veldig interessert i ting meg ikke finner andre steder og som er håndlaget. Send meg gjerne en mail dersom du synes det høres interessant ut.

    Camilla (Snøstorm