Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pretty poppies and rockin' unicorns

Today was a special cake day at the shop, a birthday cake day!
I'm starting to feel like i should be posting this on the shop blog, cause it's all about the shop and tattoos...
Oh, the conflicts of having multiple blogs!
Whatever, it stays here.

Today is Youngs birthday and we'd arranged for some special birthday tattooing.
She's pretty good at the baking stuff, but since it was her day off, i was in charge of the cake.
Not baking it of course, that's not really my thing.
Instead i went by the French patisserie here on Vesterbro (which is probably my new favorite place in Copenhagen, so charming!) and picked up some delicious cake.
I also went by the post office to pick up an etsy package, but i haven't been able to try on my purchase yet, for reasons that'll be explained later.

The pastry chef spoke Danish with the most amazing French accent ever, and wrapped my cake in this cute little box
The cake was like little pieces of heaven, cut it into smaller pieces so we could all try a little bit of everything
Young got the cutest little birthday unicorn
It rocks!! Get it?

After the sweet unicorn action it was (shudder!) my turn.
At at least this session didn't last five and a half hours like the previous one, but that's the only good thing i have to say about it.
He re-did the skull and the one poppy we did last time (thanks a bunch!) so it still took a while and i was just not in the zone.
At all.
At one point i was even thinking "i'm never ever getting tattooed again", and that's actually the first time that's ever happened to me.
Eventually i'll forget.

It still needs a few more details, according to Allan, but i wasn't letting him anywhere near a liner today
So tired...
I wiped it myself, and i wasn't exactly gentle, but it was still too bloody to get a good shot

So, the bloodyness is the reason i won't be trying out my new etsy purchase until tomorrow.
It's wrapped now, but it's still unbelievable gross.
Actually, it's so gross that i'm gonna go change the plastic right now.


  1. Ha, I love your tags. You're funny :) Your shoulder is beautiful! It looks so much more... full, now. That sounds weird. Maybe that's not the right word. But it really is fantastic, and Young's little uni is darling. Yay cake!

  2. cake, tattoos and receiving gifts in the post. Sounds like a good day! The arm is looking amazing. Its nice to see flowers other than roses, as much as I love roses..! x

  3. it looks great! :)

  4. Your tattoos are all amazing.

    I like your hair in these pictures. That curly thing it does is pretty

  5. Its looking great now :)

    Young's unicorn is amazing too!

    You're both lucky ladies to have such beautiful tattoos! xxx

  6. Eppp! Looks SOOO good! Obviously i love little birdies and their skulls lol

  7. Huurrrrraaaaaaa! Det er blevet sådan en sød lille magisk hest!
    Dine tattoos er the shizzle for serious!
    Tak igen igen for en dejlig dag :)

  8. Jeg ved da godt, hvor jeg skal holde min næste fødselsdag!!

  9. You look so cute as always.

    And the unicorn and those darn cakes!

  10. Mrs. Wolfe, i agree, much fuller (or whatever we should call it!)

    Amy, it's funny cause Allan loves doing his roses, but i don't have any in his style at all!
    Not that i don't like them, they just never happened.

    Clarah, thanks!

    Betty, the hair is doing that thing by itself now, and i can't stop it, so i'm glad someone likes it!!

    Sam, very lucky indeed!

    Wren, obviously!! I painted yours by the way, it looks good!

    Young, selv tak, kage+tatoveringer+fødselsdag+WotW= awesomehed!

    Helle, deal!

    Ai, thanks, i think i looks beat (or that's how i was feeling anyway, phew)

    Aleisha, thanks, i love it too!