Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On a much, much lighter note

Ok, still feeling a little down about The Swayze not walking among us anymore, but i had my daily latte and that always makes everything all better, right?

I'm trying to get into a healthy routine of working out in the morning (something i've been neglecting because of illness and houseguests) and eating breakfast, lunch when possible and cooking dinner every day instead of ordering takeout.

The lunch part is, for the moment, limited to leftovers from the night before, but i'm cooking dinner daily and we eat breakfast most days too.

A cup of tea instead of coffee, take that java devil!
Well, good morning to you too little birdie!
And to you Kittychan


  1. i started a kinesis class this morning. its basically circuit training and it kicked my ass.
    ask me tomorrow how much pain im in...

  2. So, Corey, how much pain are you in?