Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am unusually stressed out these days.
Something happened the other day, i'm not sure what, but i feel like i've been on the verge of a panic attack ever since.
Not a nice feeling, if you were wondering.
I'm oversharing now, i know, but i just wanna explain why i might not blog as frequently as usual in the coming week.
Oh, and there's the convention too this weekend, and i never stress out about those things.
Nope, not me.

Todays plan, besides work of course, was to do my nails.
I've been neglecting them for a while, hat making takes its toll on the fingers and nails, but i wanted them to be nice for London.
But now they're done.
Tonights plan include eating with the guys and dying my hair.
I'm about to cross one of those things off my list, but sadly it's not the hair thing.

Did the nails at the shop while working, not very smart, but at least they're done now
Sorry if this is a bit blurry, taking a picture of your right hand with a huge camera is tricky stuff!
Oh, and the Buffy's arrived the other day, i can't wait to have some free time to read these!

Ok, the guys are yelling at me from the living room, gotta go eat!


  1. Smukke negle med blonder!
    Ringer lige i morgen og hører, om du kan lokkes en tur med rundt om søerne!

  2. Wow, sikke nogle smarte negle! Jeg ville så gerne have været en smut forbi London Tattoo Convention men havde helt glemt, at jeg altså skal hjem til mine kære forældre i Bruxelles i denne weekend. Æv! Håber I får en dejlig London-tur. :)

  3. Øv altså!
    Nå men god tur til Bruxelles, måske ses vi til næste år?

  4. aww wow! the nails look beautiful!

    oooh and can you hide me one of allan's new satanic antler lady prints for Sunday? I dont want them all to sell out before I get there! I'd be sad xxx

    ps - i found the cutest present for you ever! :)

  5. Hope the stress and nerves goes away!
    Those are some very pretty nails!

  6. Mange tak, det gør vi helt sikkert! Men jeg satser på at komme en tur til København snart (ish), og så stikker jeg lige forbi forretningen.

    I øvrigt er jeg ved at lave min blog fin, så jeg kan få den opdateret lidt oftere. :)

  7. I love Buffy! You've so many me want to watch the boxset, mmmmmm might just have too :)

  8. Yeah, i have a feeling i'm gonna want to start over too, very soon!