Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hmm, sorry for those broken picture links below, don't know what's up with that.
I'm at work now, but i'll fix it when i get home.

Since i have your attention i might as well do a little complaining.
I had a shitty night last night.
On the outside everything was just fine.
Sort of fine at least.
I had trouble carrying a ton of bags and a dog in a basket up the stairs, and for the second time in just a few weeks, someone had stolen my bike light.
I mean, come on, they're like 20 kr.
Go buy your own, dammit!
Anyway, i came home late, Allan was still working and came home even later, but that was fine.
Made dinner (a sort of tamago omelet with veggies and seaweed on rice) while having a nice talk on the phone with my unusually chatty grandfather.
Read some blogs and the news while eating and when i was done i did some hat making.
But i was just feeling so sad.
I get that way sometimes and when i'm in that place even the smallest thing can completely destroy my mood.

So i listened to some sad, old songs and i started reading a nostalgic comfort book, Microserfs by Douglas Coupland*.
When you're down you might as well wallow in it, right?
I've read that book a million times, but for some reason i've never read it in english before, but i bought the english version not too long ago and i was actually really excited about reading it.
But the font and the layout and size of this edition completely bummed me out.
It wasn't half as nice as the danish one and it completely changed the whole tone of the book.
I had no idea that could make such a huge difference, but there you go.
I'm still gonna finish it, but i gotta say, the danish version (just because of the way it's made, not because of the language) is actually a lot better.

Microserfs is from a time before blogger, facebook and skype, even before email was commonly used by us mere mortals... imagine that

* My imaginary gay best friend


  1. I hope you're feeling better. I totally know how that feels though- I even have a wallow-in-it CD with "SAD CRAP" scrawled across the front. All the best sad songs ever! In fact, I think I'm going to make a post about it!

  2. know the feeling :(

    I'm feeling like that today, had a massive downer in work and decided to come home. stupid bad moods

    So now I'm watching shitty american chat shows on the settee

    I'll see you next week, and I'll bring you cakes and biscuits of cheeriness!xxx

  3. when i feel crappy, i just sit still.

    i have that exact book. can't say it's my favorite book, but i did read it. i know what you mean about the layout.

  4. Coralene, best idea ever!
    I'm gonna check out all the songs on your sad crap mix for sure.

    Sam, cheery biscuits sound real good.

    Ai, i wish i could sit still, but i feel like the older i get the more restless i get.
    I have two settings these days; hyper & stressed and sleeping.

    And glad it's not just me, you must get that feeling a lot when you read the small japanese paperbacks and compare them to the original?