Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ldn. pt. 2

Ok, i'm not really sure which day is which here, it's all kind of melted together now...

Friday i was gonna wear a fancy dress, but when i put it on in the morning i felt like i couldn't breathe and that's not a good feeling.
So i put together a more casual outfit for the first day and that was probably for the best as there was a lot of setting up and crawling around under the table.
It was an oddly mellow first day with not a lot of merch selling going on, but it's somehow still super exhausting.
Allan did two tattoos and one of them was on our regular client Amy so that was nice (even though she was in a very awkward position most of the time).

Yeah, that'll do
I'd made the headband for the dress, but it went pretty well with this top too
Cat bling
Our booth, full of limited goodies
Amy is tough, always is
A random dinner shot
Sometimes i get lucky (no photoshop either)


  1. I'm making a promise now that if I ever get tattooed at a convention again, I will not pick such an awkward spot! As I was walking round I spotted some woman getting her ribs done, and she was just lying across 2 of the plastic chairs-it didn't look fun!!