Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm awesome

What, you don't believe me?
I gots proof!
Fie gave me an awesomeness award the other day, and that pretty much makes it official, whether you like it or not.
So even if i don't think i'm awesome, and i certainly do not, at least i know that this amazing girl thinks i am and that's pretty cool.
Now, her blog is in Danish so i know most of you won't be able to read it, but i really wish you could.
What she wrote was so sweet and she's just always had a way with words, i should know since we were old school pen pals (and later, fax pen pals!) for years.

Anyway, like with all good blog-tag-chain-mail-thingies, i'm supposed to pass it along to someone else, and also write 10 random things about myself.
I'm having a hard time with both, cause obviously i can't send it right back, and as for the random fact... well, they're never very random are they?
Usually when people write random things about themselves they go for the "compliment disguised as an embarrassing fact"* and i don't wanna do that.
Or maybe i do, cause what's the alternative?
"Actual embarrassing fact"?
"Whoa, that's way too personal"?
"Boring shit you all already know"?

I'll think about this some more and maybe i'll post some not-so-random random facts about myself tomorrow.

Yup, awesome

* Like for example, "i'm, like, so tiny i sometimes have to buy pants at the teen department at H&M, soooo embarrassing!"
Sure, sure it is, you skinny bastard.


  1. Du fortjener den, gør du! Beklag dig alt du vil :-)
    De der ti ting behøver jo altså ikke være om dig-dig. Det kan vel også være ti yndlingsretter, ti billeder, ti citater eller ti tatoveringer?!

  2. Ha! When I first read that last part I thought you were really saying that! I know, I know though. I can think of two people right off the bat who have said that exact same thing, swapping H&M for another store. Grr.

    Whenever I do those, the only thing I can ever think of is that I can touch my elbows over my head. Which isn't as random as it is a little bit freakish and off-putting.