Saturday, September 19, 2009

I wanna live by the sea

Yesterday i went up north for Lucifers first check up appointment since the surgery.
The bus ride was long and hot and Lucifer was not enjoying himself.
He was even less stoked when he found out where we were going, and once we were in the waiting room he actually tried to make a run for it.
He was all shaky and terrified, there's no doubt he remembered what happened there the last time.
I wanted to tell him that something like that would never happen to him again, but according to the vet, his left leg might need another operation.
But first, another month of rest.
No play, no jumping, no running fast, no fun.
Then a second consultation and then, possibly, one more try.
It's so fucking depressing, i just want him to be happy and healthy.

We went for a short walk while we waited for the bus back to the shop.
Lucifer was just happy to be out of there, i was sad because i'd hoped this whole thing would be over.

Ok, so the highway isn't very pretty, but i didn't have time to go all the way down to the water
Me and Lucifer decided it would be nice to live here
What do you know, it's for sale!
This one's a fixer upper, but still pretty cute
My boy in one of his many resting areas


  1. awww i hope he's not gonna need surgery, as i guess everyone else is wishing too.

    i want the yellow house!!!

    suddenly living here seems totally rubbish! i need to be in cph, in THAT house!!!


  2. Hvor er det skod. Stakkels lille mand! Krydser fingre for at den ekstra måneds hvile kan gøre tricket.

  3. deep sigh, as much as I love the city and want to live in San Fran...both those houses look amazing! I want to move there with you and Lucifer...who wont need any more surgery!!

  4. he's so tiny. he doesn't deserve another op. i really hope he won't have to.