Thursday, September 10, 2009

High speed police chase gone wrong or...?

Something strange must have happened down by the lakes recently, but i'm not sure what.

An old calculator and an address book
Tire tracks all along the narrow gravel sidewalk
A trashcan had been knocked over
More tracks, dangerously close to the edge
Benches were knocked over too

If anyone knows just what the hell happened down by Peblingesø, please do share.


  1. Strange. Nogle gange forstår jeg ikke, hvad der sker for vores medmennesker!!!


  2. Enig.
    Det så nærmest ud som om bigfoot havde kørt en traktor gennem byen i en brandert.
    Meget mystisk!

  3. ooh exciting! be a super sleuth, track down the clues!

    oh and tell your husband to stop making beautiful things to sell in the london convention, i dont think im gonna have enough money to buy it all!!!!! :( xxx

  4. Hehe, i tried but the tracks just stopped... maybe the tractor that did this could fly?

    I'll tell Allan to stop right now, i don't wanna have to sit around and sell stuff all weekend anyway, i'd much rather go shopping!

  5. well when i have days off work, we have a little inflatable office buddy that sits at my desk. maybe if i sit it at your booth, he may not notice you're gone?!

    orrrr i make him so much cake that he spends all day eating it and you can escape to shop! :) x

  6. Kommunal gartnertype on a rampage? They pushed him too far!

    Ej, det ligner virkelig en heftig brandert. Var der ikke engang noget med, at en stangstiv Peter Reichardt sine unge dage stjal en gravko og blev arresteret?

  7. How intriguing !! A flying tractor on the run from the cops !! Well done , inspector Yellow pants , jolly good !

  8. You need to be hired as a forensics photographer/investigator! Weird that nobody put anything back in order, assuming the police had a look at it all. Although, I suppose it could have been caused by nothing the police would need to know about. I'm intrigued! By the way, I was gonna write you a real e-mail (which I still will) but thanks for the book recommendation! I'm gonna check it out. And . . . have you heard about Ponyo yet?? We saw it twice in the theatre, I think you're gonna like it!