Sunday, September 6, 2009

Genuine lizard, yo

Looks like my energy has (at least partially) returtned.
We did the cleaning/laundry/vacuuming thing today, and cleaning the apartment always makes me feel good.
I feel good after cleaning, that is, not during.
And we also put our newly framed Kyosai prints up on the wall.
The don't look perfect, but the important thing is to get them up there, we can just move them to a better spot later.

One in the living room...
... and one in the bedroom

After all the cleaning we deserved a good cup of coffee, so we went for a sunday coffee walk.
And on the way to the coffee shop my luck suddenly changed.

See, i've been having some problems finding the right materials for my next project.
I ordered a bunch of white peonys online, but what i got was a bunch of creme colored peonys.
Which normally would be great, i love creme, but when you're trying to match a white and aqua wedding dress, creme is just not what you need.
And since i apparently can't trust my online dealers definition of "white" things weren't looking too great.*
But walking down Istedgade i saw a bunch of crisp, white roses in the window of one of the cheesiest middle eastern gift shops in all of Copenhagen.
For some reason it was open (shops here are usually closed on sundays) and the roses were big, fluffy and NOT creme colored.
Cheap too.
I'm so happy that i can finally get started on this one, and i promise i'll never make fun of their plastic-glitter-dolphin-waterfall-lamps ever again.

I had originally wanted peonys for this piece, but it may very well end up looking even nicer with big fuzzy roses

Oh, but that wasn't the only lucky break this sunday had to offer.
Right next to the coffee place is a thrift store with a big clothing container outside.
People with bad manners will leave their old crap next to the container instead of inside of it and people with even worse manners will rummage through the bags and boxes in search of free crap.
Needless to say (i hope) i don't normally do that.
But when i saw this perfectly fine looking vintage bag standing all alone on top of a box, and in sketchy weather no less, i decided that it might as well go home with someone who'll appreciate it (=me).
I'll go down to the thriftstore next week and buy something from them and even things out a bit.

It's really old and in great condition, i couldn't just leave it there
And whoa, genuine lizard too! Score!

On our way back some of the local prostitutes were going through all the bags and making a big old mess, so i believe i rescued the purse just in time.

I'm still feeling pretty good energy wise, way less drained than yesterday.
I may even cook dinner tonight.

*Craft shops in Denmark aren't great, so i have to rely on online shopping and the stuff i can pick up while traveling.


  1. Vi er ikke for fine til at samle ting op på gaden!!

    Tak for billeder forresten, de var godt nok grineren!

  2. ...Og sej no-ads-ugle. Den snupper jeg lige!

  3. Ja, jeg var også pænt stoked over at finde den, de har foskellige størrelser og alt muligt!