Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Food, comfort me

What i made for dinner this evening probably wouldn't even be considered dinner back in Japan, but i like onigiri and miso soup and i don't need much else (besides, i'm lazy today).

Alice got the cute little lemon hot pad for me in Stockholm
Miso soup

Yesterday one of our clients came by for a chat about Japan, cause he's going there on saturday (Lucky! Jealous!) and talking about Japan usually makes me miss Japan.
Maybe that's the reason i suddenly craved onigiri, the ultimate homesick-for-Tokyo food?
I hope there's enough rice and tuna mousse left for a small lunch tomorrow, yum.


  1. Your Onigiri looks so amazingly perfect. I forget if you have a mold for it?

  2. oh that did look super yummy :) Well except for the fishy part...hehehhe yea I know...pushing my vegan views on anyone who will "read" it. Its really funny because I was at a thrift shop today (while Jacob was getting his retainer tightened) and they had one of those molds, and I considered buying it since it was like less than one was still in the box and all in japanese. But I wasnt sure what I would do with it, so I didnt get it. We havent done much with trying to make japanese food before....besides some semi lame vegan rolls. Your post makes me kinda wish I had picked it up.

  3. mmmm i love miso soup!! Do you have e mold and if yes where could one acquire one here in the DK???

  4. LOVE Onigiri!!
    Nøj, har dus lev lavet dem?

  5. ummmmmm hvor ser miso suppen god ud!! hvordan laver du den? kan du ikke lave en post hvor du deler lidt ud af dine lækre japanske opskrifter??

  6. Aah, this looks so so so good...miso soup is the best! And yours looks more scrumptious than anything I've ever received in the sushi restaurants I've been to here in the Bay Area.

  7. Ai, i have several molds in different sizes, i definitely couldn't make them like this by hand!

    Tanya, this is super easy and you can make plain onigiri too, or with veggie filling.
    Buy the mold and you'll see!

    Christel, yep!
    Jeg elsker 7-11 onigiri i Japan, men her bliver man jo nødt til at lave dem selv.
    Jeg kan låne dig en form en dag?

    Mai, det er pænt let, som regel står det på pakken hvordan man gør, og ellers prøver man sig lidt frem.
    Men jeg skal nok lave en how-to næste gang jeg laver supper!

    Thanks Diane!
    miso soup in Japan is so good, but here in Denmark they make it a little too weak for my taste... except this one place where they make it too strong.
    So i prefer to make it myself!

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