Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Conspiracy goes for a walk

It's a surprisingly warm and lovely day in Copenhagen, so it's a good thing we have the day off.
It's a work-at-home-day, officially, but we decided to take a walk around town to buy some stuff and save the work part for later.

I needed hat supplies, Allan needed art supplies and both me and Nick needed to decide what Japanese bikes to buy.
We both decided on orange bikes, but different models.
We're gonna look so awesome!
We also went for coffee and ice cream, and i went to the thriftstore to spend some money like i promised i would.
Also, i hadn't been able to find the kind of fabrics i needed at the supply store, so i bought some cheap used ladies slips and camisoles for 20 kr. each and now i've got all the colors i need.

My three boys

Also found at the thriftstore, a heavy glass vase to keep all my fake flowers in until i need them for something

If we have time tomorrow we may try and finish my bird skull/poppy tattoo.
I want it done, of course, but i am so not looking forward to getting my shoulder tattooed again.
I know i'm a wuss, but that part really sucked.


  1. Jeg synes du var sej, det var jo tydeligt at se, at det gjorde overdrevet ondt!! Du tog det som en trooper!

  2. So did you buy the new bike yet? I cant wait to see more pics...the ones from outside the store really got me excited. I wonder if they sell japanese bikes around where I live. I need a new bike! Oh and did you ever go back to the TopShop and get those amazing shoes??? I found a similar pair online, in black and white that I am totally in love with...BUT they are leather, and I gave up wearing leather cause it makes me a "better" vegan :( faux-leather shoes suck ass!!

  3. I haven't bought it yet, but i think i'm gonna go get it on saturday.
    I never went back for the shoes, i figured since i'm going to London in a few weeks i might as well wait and see what they have over there!