Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bye bye hummingbird

By the way (she writes casually like it's no big deal), i sold the purple hummingbird headband, featured here and here, that i put up on etsy a few days ago.
I didn't wanna brag about it until i knew it had arrived safely to its new home, but i just got word that it did, so... yay for me!
And an even bigger yay for Sara who not only bought it, but also did a sweet post about it on her awesome blog (a blog i follow and you should too).

Off you go birdie


  1. woo hoo super congrats :)

  2. Yeah, that was a really really beautiful head band!!!

  3. Yay for dig og yummybirden.

    Var lige henne og snuse hos minimega og måtte fluks købe de der ABC og tal-plakater. SÅ fint!!

  4. De er også så søde!
    Jeg skal ha' de små kort med fuglene!