Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The blog is back, innit?

Oh hi there!
Y'all still here?
This is just a brief post to let you all know that i'm still alive.

We came back from London late last night.
The plane was delayed and actually the whole trip home, including the ridiculously long and slow cab ride to Heathrow, was pretty hellish.
So when we were finally back in our smelly home (the washing machine stinks, i'm working on it) we just wanted to watch some dvds and sleep.

And today has been about work and Lucifer.
Aaaand that's my story.

Oh, and of course there's the part about London too, i should probably tell you about that.
In short it was fun, frustrating, awesome, exhausting, annoying and wonderful.
So, basically the usual.
I still haven't transferred all of my pictures, or edited many, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see those and hear more about what went on there.
But just so this isn't a picture-less post (we don't like those, do we?) here's a picture of the shoes i bought at Office yesterday.

So totally magical, can't wait until i'm finished breaking them in

Shit, i can't believe i almost forgot this, i must really be tired:
I sold the snail while i was in London, and i sold the original hummingbird today!
What up!?
I guess i should leave town more often.
I was at work when i found out and i had to make Allan take of his gloves so he could hi five me a whole bunch of times.
The snail went to an etsy buyer and the hummingbird is for a future shop clients upcoming wedding.
So awesome.

Snail buddy gets ready to leave the country for warm Australia (lucky bastard)

Ps. Did any of you Copenhagen based readers notice that it's fucking winter here now?
I leave for four days and that happens.
That's f'd up.


  1. one of my best friends called me earlier (shes on tour with her fiance in europe atm) from outside your shop!

    She randomly walked past as she was exploring CPH - hope she popped in to say hello!

    glad you got home safe! again, lovely to see you :) xxx

  2. She didn't, at least not while i was there...

    Lovely to see you too, and thanks again for the yummy cake!
    I brought the leftovers back to Copenhagen with me and just had one for dessert, good stuff!

    Hope you had fun despite being alone there.
    Oh, and you looked adorable!

  3. NICE! Så fik du et par awesome oxfords!
    Og for helvede for er det friggin' koldt! Nu har de i det mindste tændt for varmen i vores bygning så man ikke dør. Æv! Kedelig udvikling, Danmark!
    Nå, men altså, velkommen hjem (buh) og tillykke med salgene (yay)! Jeg kigger måske lige kort forbi imorgen hvis i er der.

  4. Aw I like Office. I saved my Office shopping bags and stored pictures in them for ages, until they broke. Have you ever been to Gregg's?? The tiny but amazing pasty shop?

    Congratulations on your sales! That's wonderful! You need pictures of their new owners looking all fancy with them :)

  5. ah good choice on the shoes, they're beautiful!
    Thanks so much to you and Allan for being lovely and awesome at the convention. I am in awe of my own leg (well, Allans handywork!) and it seems to be healing great! :)

  6. Oh hey, remember that time you made me the most EPIC hair piece for my wedding I could ever possibly imagine? Cause it was today and I might burst with excitement! You;re the bestest! xo

  7. It's soo cold! I can't believe it yet. I still have open shoes ffs! Have to take a trip to the cellar and fetch my boots. Hope you had a lovely time!

  8. I love your new shoes!

    Can't wait to see the pictures from the convention. I've never been and everyone always says how great it is.

  9. ...and she's back. Det var godt.

    Og jo, det er blevet lortemøgrøvpissekoldt. Har vasket alle uldsokker og skruet op for radiatorerne. Brrr.

  10. congrats on the sales! nice work!
    *e-high five*

    just two days ago it got shitty here too. rain rain rain. there is blue sky out there right now,but i am not fooled and am bringing my umbrella to work anyways...

  11. Coralene, haven't been to greggs, we didn't have time for much during our few free hours in London, so we pretty much just went to topshop and around that area a bit.
    I wanna go back for a real London weekend soon though.

    Amy, you're a trooper, and thanks for the cookies!

    Wren, you're the bestest!
    Can't wait to see you in it!!

    Sandra, i'm going to the basement for boots tonight too.
    I can't believe it's that time already.

    Betty, it is pretty great, but three days of working there is exhausting.
    But to visit, it's the best for sure.

    Fie, jeg har varme på i hele hytten og der er stadig koldt!
    Sådan er det at bo på første over en port, i guess.

    Corey, *e-high five* back!!

  12. Wooo HOoooo :) So glad your back and sharing yourself with us! Congrats on the sales and getting home safe and in one piece. Here in Cali its kinda become fall, in the last two days, so I am feeling ya on the weather side of things. Missed ya