Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ldn. pt. 3

This was gonna be the day for dressing fancy.
Remember that hairband with the bird-nest i didn't wanna show you just yet?
I was wearing that.
And a cute outfit too, but sadly i won't be able to show you that cause no one took pictures of it.
I thought Allan did, but no, he didn't.
He was probably working, is what you're thinking, right?
Not all the time, no.
He found time to take pictures of everybody else there including 9 pictures of Hunter and, get this, 23 pictures of Kent.
If i sound bitter it's because i am.
I mean, sure, we all like to take pictures of Kent, he's friggin adorable, but 23?
I know it doesn't matter, but it still kinda hurt my feelings.

Here he is, the man who apparently stole my husbands heart
Here is the one picture of me from that day, if i'd have known it would be the only one i would have made the effort to not look like a dork
Anki, Sascha and Hata waiting for the morning cab
One of Allans clients was getting this majestic wizard lasered off... can't imagine why
A rare glimpse of the outside world
Dinner at an Indian restaurant, with epic paintings, on Brick Lane
Hunter posing with Lady Di
I didn't even eat half of this and i still got sick... indian food is just not my friend anymore

Saturday was a busy day at the booth, lots of stuff being sold and lots of people being talked to.
Allan had to cancel a client because he didn't have time for him, but otherwise it was a good day.
I talked to a lot of cool people, some i knew from myspace and some i'd never met before.
Some even asked about hat stuff and that always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I also started noticing that a lot more people are reading this blog than i thought, and some commented on my crappy mood these past weeks.
I didn't think it had been that obvious, but now that it's been pointed out to me, i'm definitely gonna try to be less of a downer in the future!

Ldn. pt. 2

Ok, i'm not really sure which day is which here, it's all kind of melted together now...

Friday i was gonna wear a fancy dress, but when i put it on in the morning i felt like i couldn't breathe and that's not a good feeling.
So i put together a more casual outfit for the first day and that was probably for the best as there was a lot of setting up and crawling around under the table.
It was an oddly mellow first day with not a lot of merch selling going on, but it's somehow still super exhausting.
Allan did two tattoos and one of them was on our regular client Amy so that was nice (even though she was in a very awkward position most of the time).

Yeah, that'll do
I'd made the headband for the dress, but it went pretty well with this top too
Cat bling
Our booth, full of limited goodies
Amy is tough, always is
A random dinner shot
Sometimes i get lucky (no photoshop either)

Ldn. pt. 1

At the airport in Cph
Trolls, they're back!
Wait, what?
How i usually see London: through the window of a cab
Found this guy at Heathrow
Practical suitcase, that one
Set up the booth thursday night, parts of it at least
Bo, no, no, it's called Danish water!
Late night white russian

Ok, i think i'm gonna have to divide this into several posts, cause i hate long picture posts and this was gonna be a long one!

Not much to say about the trip there.
Flight was delayed cause the airplane was broken, so they got us a new one (something we appreciated) and were a bit late.
Aaaand, that's it for part one i think?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The blog is back, innit?

Oh hi there!
Y'all still here?
This is just a brief post to let you all know that i'm still alive.

We came back from London late last night.
The plane was delayed and actually the whole trip home, including the ridiculously long and slow cab ride to Heathrow, was pretty hellish.
So when we were finally back in our smelly home (the washing machine stinks, i'm working on it) we just wanted to watch some dvds and sleep.

And today has been about work and Lucifer.
Aaaand that's my story.

Oh, and of course there's the part about London too, i should probably tell you about that.
In short it was fun, frustrating, awesome, exhausting, annoying and wonderful.
So, basically the usual.
I still haven't transferred all of my pictures, or edited many, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see those and hear more about what went on there.
But just so this isn't a picture-less post (we don't like those, do we?) here's a picture of the shoes i bought at Office yesterday.

So totally magical, can't wait until i'm finished breaking them in

Shit, i can't believe i almost forgot this, i must really be tired:
I sold the snail while i was in London, and i sold the original hummingbird today!
What up!?
I guess i should leave town more often.
I was at work when i found out and i had to make Allan take of his gloves so he could hi five me a whole bunch of times.
The snail went to an etsy buyer and the hummingbird is for a future shop clients upcoming wedding.
So awesome.

Snail buddy gets ready to leave the country for warm Australia (lucky bastard)

Ps. Did any of you Copenhagen based readers notice that it's fucking winter here now?
I leave for four days and that happens.
That's f'd up.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A day of odd couples

First this story and then this.

Good stuff, lovers of cute things!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

UK in just a few hours...

Tomorrow we're off to London.
It's been a while since we've been out of the country, but i'm not really all that excited yet.
Travel excitement usually doesn't happen for me until i'm in the air or at the destination.
In this case i think it's gonna kick in at Heathrow when i see Hata (we arranged to land at the same time so we could split a cab to the city, that's some professional traveling right there!)
But a weekend trip for work hardly counts as "travel" anyway, right?

I'm not packed yet, but i did lay out some clothes on the bed before Lucifer convinced me to take a powernap with him.
All the clothes i picked are way too fancy and i'm probably gonna look like i crashed the wrong party, but whatever.
"When in doubt, overdress".
I think that's a Vivienne Westwood quote and it's served me pretty well for a long time now.

I've been in a hat making frenzy this past week, so besides doing the custom orders, i managed to finish two pieces for myself.
One you'll have to wait to see, i'll post pictures from the convention this weekend, if the internet gods will allow it.
The other one i tried to take a picture of last night, but i was tired and well...
The result is probably the blurriest picture in Untitled Blog history!

You can't tell, but it's a pink and blue headband with a flower

Ps. What's up with the "following" gadget?
I haven't been able to see it for days now...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am unusually stressed out these days.
Something happened the other day, i'm not sure what, but i feel like i've been on the verge of a panic attack ever since.
Not a nice feeling, if you were wondering.
I'm oversharing now, i know, but i just wanna explain why i might not blog as frequently as usual in the coming week.
Oh, and there's the convention too this weekend, and i never stress out about those things.
Nope, not me.

Todays plan, besides work of course, was to do my nails.
I've been neglecting them for a while, hat making takes its toll on the fingers and nails, but i wanted them to be nice for London.
But now they're done.
Tonights plan include eating with the guys and dying my hair.
I'm about to cross one of those things off my list, but sadly it's not the hair thing.

Did the nails at the shop while working, not very smart, but at least they're done now
Sorry if this is a bit blurry, taking a picture of your right hand with a huge camera is tricky stuff!
Oh, and the Buffy's arrived the other day, i can't wait to have some free time to read these!

Ok, the guys are yelling at me from the living room, gotta go eat!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to Tirol

I don't really know what happened here...
I was just gonna go buy some hair-color, but instead i ended up at a thrift store on Vesterbrogade where i bought not one but two vintage Tyrolean dresses!
I went in looking for something cute to wear at the London convention (which is so soon, panic, shock, nerves!) and left with something that i can't wear anywhere.
Smart move, Amalie, really smart.
They had a bunch of cute dresses, but none of them really fit me, they were all either m/l or xxs.

Toycam gone mad
It's both green and red, perfect for indecisive people like myself
This one is navy and pink
I immediately started a matching headband (mostly cause i need something to do when i take a break from the wedding piece i'm working on, if i don't have a backup project i'll just rush things and fuck it all up)
Oh and Dear Lord of Shopping, why even show me this lemon colored beauty if it won't fit me? Why?

Back to work.

I'm awesome

What, you don't believe me?
I gots proof!
Fie gave me an awesomeness award the other day, and that pretty much makes it official, whether you like it or not.
So even if i don't think i'm awesome, and i certainly do not, at least i know that this amazing girl thinks i am and that's pretty cool.
Now, her blog is in Danish so i know most of you won't be able to read it, but i really wish you could.
What she wrote was so sweet and she's just always had a way with words, i should know since we were old school pen pals (and later, fax pen pals!) for years.

Anyway, like with all good blog-tag-chain-mail-thingies, i'm supposed to pass it along to someone else, and also write 10 random things about myself.
I'm having a hard time with both, cause obviously i can't send it right back, and as for the random fact... well, they're never very random are they?
Usually when people write random things about themselves they go for the "compliment disguised as an embarrassing fact"* and i don't wanna do that.
Or maybe i do, cause what's the alternative?
"Actual embarrassing fact"?
"Whoa, that's way too personal"?
"Boring shit you all already know"?

I'll think about this some more and maybe i'll post some not-so-random random facts about myself tomorrow.

Yup, awesome

* Like for example, "i'm, like, so tiny i sometimes have to buy pants at the teen department at H&M, soooo embarrassing!"
Sure, sure it is, you skinny bastard.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Really, really ridiculously long sunday picture post

Ok, i really hope you guys like animals and long picture posts, cause i went to the zoo today and pretty much filled up the memory card and used up all the battery.
So, it's all about the animals on the untitled blog today!

Bird show and tell
I love owls
So majestic!
It made the cutest little squeaky sound
Oh, hello little buddy
Maras living the good life
There were lamas and capybaras too
This lama was not ready for his closeup
That's so funny, that's how me and Allan sleep too!
Me in the butterfly house
Some of those suckers are huge
So close you could smell his fish breath
This guy reminded me of Lucifer
The fancy new elephant house
You got a little something there...
Can't. Quite. Reach. Carrot.
Don't you just want to touch that fur?

The reason i went to the zoo in the first place was because my dad and brother had a gig there, like last year.
And i'm not one to say no to a free show that includes a ticket to the zoo.

The band hooked up with a new singer and she was friggin awesome (i already forgot her name but i'll update this when i remember)
My dad and brother (i'm so happy my dad decided to not wear that retarded zoo cap, and i hope my brother ditched it when they were done!)

After the band finished i hung around for a little while longer.
I'd used up all the battery on the G9 by filming the band for my parents, so i had to switch to iPhone shots, but those turned out ok too.

The reindeer were shedding their antler fur or something
These guys definitely don't belong in zoos, just saying
This guy swam too fast for my camera (it's a hippo if you couldn't tell)
I asked them to come closer, but they weren't having it
Bunny mountain
Not the most exotic animal of the bunch, but a good one nonetheless

I had a bunch of plans after after this but i was beat, so i ended up eating ice cream and pizza with the guys.
Also, i have hats to make and i've noticed that they don't make themselves.

Ps. We went out for a movie last night, haven't done that in a long time!