Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You and me, always (and forever)

At 10 this morning Lucifer went in for knee surgery.
Much dreaded surgery (dreaded by me, that is, not Lucifer).

The clinic was a bit north of Copenhagen, Allan drove us there in my parents car.
The area is lovely and i almost felt bad for going there and not taking any pictures.

I'd expected to stay there while they operated on him, i even brough The Watchmen, which i'm reading at the moment, to keep me company, but when they told us he wouldn't be ready until around four, i decided to go back home with Allan.
They took him away before the anesthesia had really kicked in, and that made me a little uncomfortable.
I'm used to being the last thing he sees before falling asleep and the first thing he sees when the drugs wear off.
New place, new rules, i guess.

Back home i went to the post office and grocery shopping, and we had breakfast together before Allan had to leave for work.
I also made some steps for the sofas and bed out of boxes, tape, glue and fake leather (for the top, so Lucifer won't slide off), it'll be a while before he's allowed to jump again.

After Allan left i went around the corner to clean my parents' apartment.
They kinda left in a hurry after my grandfathers birthday, and i wanted it to be nice for Alice, Lewis and the baby.

I took the bus back to the clinic, it took a while but it was a nice ride.
The weather was good and i listened to me and Lucifer's song (yes, we have a song) on my iPhone.
When i got there they told me he'd been awake for about an hour, and i even got there early.
Thinking of him scared, confused and alone made me want to cry, but i sucked it up like a big girl.
He was shaking and he barely seemed to recognize me, the poor guy, but the operation had been successful, as far as they could tell.
After getting thorough instructions i paid the (huge!) bill and got in a cab.
It took forever and cost a fortune, so i might as well have taken the bus back, but whatever.
Lucifer was just lying there in his basket, shaking the whole way home.
When we got to our street he whimpered quietly.

Now he's resting on a pile of duvets, pillows and blankets in the sofa.
He has long cuts and lots of stitches on both legs, so it looks like this is gonna take some time.
Hopefully he'll be back in a few months, in a new and improved version.

At the clinic

Finally, safe in his own home
It ain't pretty, but it's only for a few months (ha!)

I apologize for the long and boring dog rant, but y'all know how i feel about my little guy.
And sharing makes it seem not quite so serious, somehow.

The timing just couldn't be worse, with our friends coming to visit tomorrow and all that, but i'm still just glad that it's over.


  1. awww seeing those pictures of him all knocked out make me wanna cry. I know the worry of taking your furry babies to the vets, its horrid.

    i'm feeling rather delicate today, everything is making me want to cry :(

    get better soon lucifer!xxx

  2. poor guy. youre such a good mom spending your day making steps. i hope he recovers quick!!

  3. what an emotional day for everyone. Having two dogs, I soooo understand every feeling you must have felt today. But it does sound like despite a few minor annoyances that it went as well as it could....thats great :) My household (me, my SO, the son, our two dogs and the tortoise) are all thinking of Lucifer and holding his health in our thoughts.

  4. Nåårh Lille Lucifer. Jeg ved lige hvordn du har haft det Amalie!
    Mange helbredene kysser fra Mig og Nelson


  5. get well soon lucifer!love bambi and bela xxxx

  6. that's heartbreaking. i really hope he heals real quick!

  7. Lucifer, Allan and me thanks you all (and your dogs and tortoises) for you thoughts.
    Really, it means the world to us.

  8. :( poor doggie. I hope he feels better soon.
    You're such a sweetheart. That you made steps for him is the cutest thing ever.