Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A weird thing happened today when Allans client, a new one, came in and wasn't completely into the design.
Uhm, say what?
The drawing was super awesome and everything he'd asked for was in it, but he just wasn't sure.
So he left and thus left Allan with a finished design and no client to put it on.
Canceling when you're not sure is for the best, of course, but it still leaves Allan in a crappy position of having spent many hours, today and last night, drawing for something that's not gonna happen.
I called a regular to fill the spot, but after waiting for her for a few hours, she called and canceled too.
She had a sick dog, so we could relate and it was all good, but still... what a day.
We had coffee and brownies, i blogged and Allan turned the design into a lovely painting, so we ended up having a nice day after all.

Now, i know you're sick of the wardrobe posts, but i'm not and it's my blog, so here's some more basement finds.

I never wear this cute top i bought in Japan a few years ago, but now i'm giving it another try (the skirt is from ebay, shoes from Kvickly, belt from India)
The heart necklace is from Tokyo, the Ganesh behind it is from India
My poor baby, not having the best day


  1. but he looks cool in that Cancer Bats T-shirt.. You can tell him that :)

    De bedste feriehilsner fra feriebarnet.

  2. oh no, crazy clients.. :)

  3. Yuck. Two times, years ago, I got two tattoos that I wasn't sure about... I'm not sure how it happened once, let alone twice. Two different people. Both of them are total shit, and both of them are on my freaking NECK of all places. I make a great first impression, as I look like I'm fresh out of prison. The worst part is that nobody wants to work on somebody else's shitty job, so I think I'm doomed, unless I pay even more money to just remove them.

    BUT those people were questionable to begin with (I had just moved here, stupid stupid stupid, the whole thing is stupid), and I can't imagine saying no to something that was from someone so talented! What a waste!

  4. Skal nok hilse, feriebarn!

    Oh, two mistakes on the neck?
    That sucks monkey ass for sure.
    You're right, it is hard finding an awesome artist who's willing to work on someone elses tattoos, but i hope you find one someday cause laser, supposedly, is hell.

    But yeah, i don't get it either, the design was perfect and Allan had spent so long working on it, much longer than usual.
    But at least the painting is looking nice!

    I think you look great by the way, always stylish and pretty.
    Can't imagine you giving a bad first impression.

  5. OMG, I am soooo loving that top :) I loved it before I scrolled down and saw the deer....now I am totally loving it!! Sorry about the lameness day for The Man :(

  6. Post the painting. Perhaps someone would like it!?

    I think it would be good to have some hidden old paintings to take out whenever someone is not sure. It is so much easier to let the artist make the choice.
    But perhaps not on the neck.

  7. We are probably gonna sell the painting, so keep an eye on the other blog.

    Laurits, det er en aftale!