Monday, August 24, 2009

Walk till your legs hurt

Sightseeing with a sick baby and an injured dog can be a bit of a challenge, but yesterday we totally pulled it off.

We started out with coffee (me and Allan), cinnamon bun (Allan) and ice cream (mostly the baby)
Ice cream for breakfast, yeah!
Happy baby
Remember this post from almost a year ago? They're still here, only they got waaay worse
Cheap and fugly
Lewis was trying my G9 (also known as the backup camera) and took this adorable picture of Feodor
Also by Lewis
Further down the walking street we found more, and Alice also had to get some pictures
Hi ho, moose
The weather was pretty nice, so nice we planned to take a canal tour, but we never got around to it
On Kgs. Nytorv
The tourist trap known as Nyhavn
I've never been inside, but i'd like to go some day
This is how you go sightseeing with a dog who's not allowed to walk or bend his legs
Homemade skirt, h&m t-shirt and this necklace
Can't argue with that!
Right back where we started, eating the best ice cream Copenhagen has to offer

Alice, Lewis and the baby went to Stockholm this morning and the apartment feels kinda empty without them.
They were actually staying at my parents place, but my mom and dad needed to sleep there on friday, so the guys came over and crashed at our place.
And since we're still camping in the living room, it worked out perfectly.
I really like having house guests and having a baby here (baby visits are few and far between) has been fun.
They'll be back on sunday, and hopefully Lewis will have time to tattoo me and Allan.
Now, if i only knew what to get...?


  1. haha Allan carrying Lucifer is adorable.

    I love your skirt. Do you use a pattern?

  2. i love the way allan is carrying lucifer!so sweet! x

  3. I need to read things better I think- this whole time, every time you've said "baby", I've assumed you meant Lucifer! Poor babe, he is still the baby.

    Also, those pant things are atrocious. Harem pants look like something... um. Something someone had a little accident in. Not cute.