Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wait, so the summer is not over?

As you can maybe tell, i'm trying to break away from the traditional fashion blogger poses when i do wardrobe posts.
Cause, well, they're boring, everyone does them and this is not a fashion blog.
But i do like posting about my wardrobe, and things i hope will someday be in my wardrobe, so i'm just gonna try and mix it up a little so you don't get too sick of it.

Today was actually super hot, and i, like the genius i am, wore a wool skirt.
But i had bare legs, so it wasn't actually as bad as it may sound.

Uniqlo (oh, how i love that place) cardigan and i silk slip doubling as a top
My vintage skirt from Koenji, my wannabe-oxfords-sneakers from Shinjuku (i can't believe i almost didn't buy these, i love them so much) and Absalonsgade

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