Monday, August 10, 2009


Sooo... does anyone still come by these parts of the interwebs?

If you did check in the past week, you may have wondered where the hell i've been.
Or you may have figured out from the last post, that i just got way too sick to even think about touching my computer.
You'd be right.
I was in hell there for a few days, but i'm starting to feel better now.

I try not to think about how fucking unfair it is, that i spent the better part (weather wise, it really was the better part) of my yearly vacation being sick in bed, only able to look out at people swimming and having fun.
I also try not to think of the fact that i haven't eaten anything but toast in days.
Or about how much stuff i'd wanted to do and how much i hate wasted time.
Or how doctors who all seem to have different opinions about the simplest things suck ass.

No, now i just think about getting some strength back, about catching up on work emails without getting too stressed, and about getting used to being home again (we only just got back a few hours ago).
We're gonna go back this weekend though, just to make up for some lost time.

Allan got sick too a few days ago, but his body is handling it way better than mine did
Yesterday we went for a walk
Two pale sickies by the beach
Today i went looking for a crab shell, instead i found a crab
And these, a nice catch if you ask me

Since i'm not really ready to be fully back to normal i think i'm gonna go read a book or something until Allan comes back from the concert he went to.
At least i did read a few good books while i was in hell, so it was good for something i guess?
I'm reaching here, being sick is never really good for anything.


  1. I was about to send you a comment to see if you were ok - I'd wondered where you'd disappeared to! Figured you were sick.

    Not swine flu I hope? I thought I had it :(

    Hope you get better soon xxx

  2. Stakkels! Så snart du er helt rask igen må jeg præsentere dig for Viola.

  3. Håber du har det bedre nu! Og at ni har haft en god ferie ellers. <3

  4. i hope you'll make it up real good this weekend.

    i'm going home tomorrow, too. about time!

  5. I was a bit worried and wondered what kinda hell you must have been in to be away from your computer :( Figured it was serious if it kept you away from the computer...since you always so awsome about posting!

    Hope you feel better and looking forward to having you and the blog back to normal.

    What concert did Allen go to?

  6. Thanks for all the well wishes guys, we are starting to feel better, although Allan had to cancel his appointment today and we're still eating friggin toast!

    I believe he went to Walls of Jericho? Maybe? Anyway, he said it was good!