Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shopping in the Cph

I guess for some people Copenhagen is a mecca for clothes and design.
For me, not so much.
I actually never really shop in Copenhagen.
Everything here is so expensive.
I don't mind paying good money for something that's well made, but paying unreasonable amounts of money for something that's made in the same factory in China as, say, the stuff you can buy at h&m, just because it's got some fancy name on the tag, has never really been my thing.
Also, the people who work in clothing stores in Copenhagen are usually rude as hell and honestly, who needs more of that?
So instead i shop in Tokyo and occasionally online.
But yesterday i went out walking with Alice and the baby (more pictures of them later) and i actually bought something!
Young blogged about this brand called Edith & Ella a while back, but i'd never been in on of their shops before.
But what a nice shop it was, like, Tokyo nice even.
I kinda wanted to live there!

Old original ceiling
The staff was kind enough to let us take pictures and ask questions
Animal heads, doesn't get much cuter than that
Pretty lamp downstairs
Their sizes were a little funny, i really liked this, but the small was too big for me
But this one in a medium fit just fine (i mostly tried on the pants cause i was wearing leggins yesterday and that just looks silly!)
A cute fabric bag, again, just like in Tokyo
Pretty and 50% off, you can't beat that


  1. that's a pretty blouse.
    i love how the store looks. that lamp is so beautiful. shopping in a nice looking store is so much better.

    your new hair looks great.

  2. SÅ fin bluse, altså! Jeg har aldrig været i butikken, men er stor fan af konceptet. Og der er udsalg, siger du? Hm, måske en barnevognstur ville være på sin plads.

  3. Jeg havde faktisk overvejet at smutte forbi i løbet af ugen, bare for at se om der var noget mere guf i min størrelse.
    Måske dig, mig og Viola skulle lave en shoppe date?